2015 girl group map?

Article: Girl group map of the first half of 2015... Up or Down?

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+8687, -131] Why is 2NE1's so small..

2. [+797, -152] Honestly why is 2NE1's so small

3. [+369, -42] Hopefully all the girl groups can come out with good songs in their comebacks ㅎㅎ

4. [+168, -33] AOA's honestly shouldn't be that big.. shouldn't they switch spots with 2NE1..? They barely won #1 a couple times and it was only because they were promoting when no one famous was

5. [+163, -62] Cut down on A Pink and make SNSD and 2NE1's bigger ㅋ A Pink is only popular in Korea ㅋ

6. [+106, -9] More like a girl group map of the journalist's faves

7. [+96, -19] WG disbanded, take em off the map

8. [+95, -20] Are there any girl groups that can hold tours internationally aside from SNSD, 2NE1, and KARA??? and 4minute is practically the Hyuna group.. her 'Bubble Pop' MV alone has all the views.