Yoo Se Yoon apologizes for participating in misogynistic statements with Jang Dong Min

Article: Yoo Se Yoon "I would have nothing to say even if I had 10 mouths" apology for misogynistic statements

Source: Nate

"I apologize. I don't know what to say. I would have nothing to say even if I had 10 mouths. I'm genuinely sorry. This won't happen again."

1. [+564, -105] Nevermind the misogynistic statements but did all of you hear the three of them talking about their parents using their real names? He even referred to the other member of the show saying his mother was raped to give birth to a child like you. Even if it's a joke, how dare you take your mother's friend and make a rape joke out of her? And how dare the rest of them even accept that as a joke?

2. [+438, -90] It's ridiculous how some men have such a twisted view on women when they have mothers, nunas, and little sisters themselves. They don't even realize that they're misogynists because they usually come from families where their father treats their mother like she's beneath him. This is why family upbringing is so important and children are considered the mirror to their parents.

3. [+407, -61] Did you all hear them singing using their parents' real names? And one even said that the other's mother was raped by his father and that's how he was born. Can't believe people are even thinking of shielding this. If this isn't a big deal to them, they're just as ignorant as the stars.

4. [+65, -16] Why do people care so much about it being in the past? Just because it was in the past doesn't mean it was never said. And it's not like they said in privately amongst one another, they said it on a radio show.

5. [+51, -8] He calls a 5 line apology written on the radio's fancafe an official apology? Even a little kid could be forced to write a better letter than that..


Source: Naver

1. [+6,666, -626] Yoo Se Yoon, Jang Dong Min, Yoo Sang Moo... they all deserve each other ㅋㅋ

2. [+5,444, -535] I really liked Yoo Se Yoon but this is such a disappointment..

3. [+4,713, -421] He's abnormal, as expected.

4. [+3,484, -263] Remember to be careful with your words asleep or awake!

5. [+1,659, -111] I was always uncomfortable with his gags about putting his wife down. His wife is a woman too..

6. [+1,496, -67] Let's not forget that the person gave birth to you is a woman and the person married to you is a woman too. Don't live like that, you're more than mature enough to act your age.


Found a transcript of their radio segment [source]. Translated for you here:

(On the topic of women being honest about their sexual history with their current partners)

JDM: What's stupid about women is that they say things like, "I don't want to lie to you. I genuinely love you right now but I also loved the people I met in the past. I'm going to come clean with you." What a bit*h.
YSY: Right, what a b*tch.
YSM: Yeah, that's a b*tch. And another mistake that women make is-
JDM: Yeah, a b*tch.
YSM: -another mistake that women make is, and listen up women, that they'll beat around the bush. Like let's say they slept with other men. They don't tell that to you up front. Instead, they say things like, 'Oh, I had just a shot of soju with that man once.' But her current partner is with her drinking soju and he's thinking of sleeping with her after so obviously he catches on and realizes that she probably slept with those men too.
JDM: Yeah, women say that.
YSM: They shouldn't just talk at all (laugh).
JDM: That's what's stupid about women, their brains just aren't up to par with men.
YSM: They're completely beneath us.
JDM: I'm serious, they're so stupid. They're really stupid for saying all that.
YSM: They don't think fast enough.
JDM: Nah, they're just dumb I'm telling you, just dumb.


(On the topic of one way for women to be loved by their boyfriends is lying to them by saying they're a virgin, random snippets from when they were roleplaying as the male and female:)

YSM: Men can wake up and be disappointed because he was thinking she was a virgin but she's not. That's why some ask beforehand.

YSM: 'Hey, why are you so loose down there?'
JDM: 'Oh that? Because I did it with so many dildos'

YSY: If you think about it, what we can't handle is not the fact that she isn't a virgin but the woman herself.
JDM: Yeah, her history.
YSY: We all expect women to be virgins.
JDM: Yeah, the most perfect (woman) would be some woman who lived for 30 years in a temple and has no (sexual) history to speak of... but in this society, that's impossible.