Suzy loses publicity rights lawsuit

Article: Suzy reps, "We are upset over the lawsuit loss for the 'Suzy hat'... currently looking into appeal"

Source: TV Report via Naver

An internet clothing site used Suzy's name to market their 'Suzy hat', using pictures of her wearing the hat in interviews and airport fashion pictures. JYP filed a lawsuit for publicity rights but lost.

1. [+15,388, -809] That shopping mall is shameless;;

2. [+12,046, -781] I don't understand why they lost the lawsuit

3. [+10,419, -505] So do celebrities not have portrait rights or what? This is hopeless

4. [+9,589, -347] I see tons of stores sell clothes saying so-and-so celebrity wore this..

5. [+8,850, -670] Hopefully they win the appeal

6. [+964, -132] It's a frustrating situation, think about it. Someone's using your face to sell a product but you don't get any profit off of it. And reviews of the hat are so bad that people are going around saying the 'Suzy hat' sucks. I'd be pissed too.

7. [+816, -75] They need to do something about the 'IU cream' too

8. [+787, -105] I don't get why they lost. CF companies pay expensive money to have celebrities model their stuff for a reason.

9. [+741, -66] What's the point of paying celebrities for CFs when you can just use their pictures and sell a product on your own? I feel bad for the company that is using Suzy as their official hat model right now.

10. [+680, -91] Clearly the shopping mall is at fault here so I don't know why they lost..