Sulli visits Amber at 'Inkigayo' to cheer her on

Article: 'f(x) promotion hiatus' Sulli visits 'Inkigayo' alone to cheer Amber on

Star News via Nate

1. [+168, -15] She's the one who threw them away first, now she's back and acting like she cares?

2. [+121, -11] Trying to recycle her image now?

3. [+110, -4] She's such a nuisance... ignored her group during 'Red Light' and now she thinks she can come back and take care of Amber?

4. [+17, -3] She comes back only after she went out and did everything she wanted to. She chose that ajusshi over her own team. She better marry that ajusshi...

5. [+13, -2] She's probably low on cash now and needs to start working



1. [+509, -66] What exactly is she having such a hard time over that she's still on hiatus for?

2. [+470, -68] Sulli should've been the one who went to the army ㅡㅡ;

3. [+443, -31] I understand both sides... Sulli looked really happy in the sticker pictures she took with Choiza. Being in love shouldn't be a crime and whether she's good at it or not, she wants to act so it must be frustrating for her to have to do other things instead of it. As for f(x) fans, Sulli messed up a lot of things when the group still hasn't had their own solo concert or an official fanclub yet.

4. [+318, -42] I can't understand what was so hard for Sulli... she was barely on any variety shows, she was always with Choiza.. What is this hiatus for?

5. [+205, -67] f(x) fighting, love you ❤ f(5)

6. [+67, -5] I want to know what the four members are thinking on the inside...

7. [+57, -6] The public is already done with Sulli because of her actions. She's never seemed passionate since her debut while Victoria, Luna, and Amber have always worked hard despite never getting the spotlight. Really supporting Amber's solo promotions!

8. [+41, -8] Makes Goo Hara, Hyuna, IU, and others seem more amazing... they're all going through the same hardships.