[Pann] Ilbe indirectly aids in the treatment of a Sewol Ferry victim's oppa

Pann: The story of a Sewol Ferry victim's brother

A counselor shared on her Facebook: I talked with the oppa of a Sewol Ferry victim. To protect his mother who was suffering from his dongsaeng's death, he decided that he could not show even one drop of tear at home and held it all in the best he could. His body suffered for the emotions that he could not let out, and he battled with constant diarrhea and stomach pain, leading to a drastic drop in weight.

While counseling him, we talked about the Ilbe picture of a student wearing a Danwon High School uniform and he started shedding tears for the first time that session. "Teacher, I'm so upset. Why must she be made a fool of like this..." For the first time, he began sobbing.

Wounds can only be treated once emotions are let out... and after that day, like a child taking his first step, he began showing his emotions despite the difficulty.

I'm thankful to the point of tears... you devilish Ilbe bastards.


1. [+122, -1] Ilbe are less than bastards. Making a joke out of the dead like this... bringing so much pain and trauma to the living. When will they wake up. Worthless beings..

2. [+85, -2] Ah... I really want all of the Ilbe users to be recycled and thrown away.

3. [+81, -1] I wonder how those Ilbe bastards would react if something like this happened to one of them. I feel like they wouldn't even react the way a normal human would because they don't seem human at all...

4. [+18, -9] Is it really worth it for them to be causing all this pain just so they can get a few upvotes on their post? All this for some attention? To ruin a life like this?

5. [+6, -0] At this point, I feel like it's not monsters migrating to Ilbe but Ilbe creating monsters. I see elementary school kids out and about and hear them using Ilbe terms because they heard it on some show or whatever. As if they know any of the implications behind those terms...