Netizens suspect discord between Suzy and miss A

Article: miss A, Suzy isn't close with the other members? netizens express suspicions

The Fact via Nate

- Suzy did not attend Jia's birthday party (Min and Fei did, along with Hyoyeon, Hyuna, and Jo Kwon)
- Suzy did not have a schedule that day
- Suzy used to upload selcas together all the time but hasn't uploaded one since she got popular
- Suzy isn't following the other members on SNS
- The only picture they took together as at the JYP concert last year
- Suzy tweeted happy birthday tweets to Junho and Bernard Park but not the miss A members

1. [+636, -97] It's not that JYP only supports Suzy, it's that she got popular on her own. The other members get put on shows all the time but they just don't get popular. How is that JYP's fault;; And the other members have been taking cuts out of Suzy's income this entire time;;; they should just be grateful ㅋㅋ

2. [+619, -88] People keep saying only Suzy gets support but the other members get support too and just don't get as popular as Suzy ㅋ Poor Suzy getting all the hate for being the "only one supported" when she has to share her income with the other members anyway.

3. [+306, -290] I think it's the agency's fault. They only support Suzy, of course it will make things awkward between Suzy and the members.

4. [+216, -27] Sounds like a bunch of rumors to me

5. [+85, -5] Either way, Suzy's got the short end of the stick in all of this. She makes all of the money but still has to share it...

6. [+80, -1] Min even got support for an American advancement ㅋㅋㅋ JYP was obsessed with her but Suzy's the one that hit it big.

7. [+70, -5] The members are the ones who blew the money Suzy made them on going on vacations overseas..

8. [+66, -12] Ridiculous ㅋㅋㅋ JYP supported Min so much during miss A's debut but she's the one who didn't have the potential to get any bigger, what do they want JYP to do about that

9. [+61, -3] I get that the other members might be jealous of Suzy but JYP didn't only support Suzy. They gave Min a lot of variety shows and she was known as kkap-Min for a while and Fei was on a lot of cooking shows and other things too. Suzy got huge off of 'Introduction to Architecture' on her own and still shared her income with the other members, although that was changed so that she got a bigger share.. but they still share her income. Poor Suzy's the one losing sleep and sharing her money.

10. [+60, -1] miss A's only even alive thanks to Suzy right now. If Suzy leaves, they're all nothing.