A reveals texts exchanged with Kim Hyun Joong to Dispatch

Article: [Exclusive] A's interview, "I will be taking responsibility of the child... will not be marrying Kim Hyun Joong"

Source: Dispatch via Nate + Naver

Texts exchanged with Kim Hyun Joong

KHJ: Did you get the test done?
A: (ultrasound picture)
KHJ: So that's the dot, the black color.
A: Yeah... I can hear its heartbeat on my next check up.
KHJ: I see... make sure you eat well and wear warm clothes. Don't drink either. The hospital said you're 5 weeks?
A: Yeah. Nearly 5 weeks. It's still hard for me to process this. I'm sure it's the same for you.
KHJ: Yeah.. I'm really upset. I can't bless you but suffer on the inside like this..

KHJ: Are you out of make up yet? When we get on the plane, I only notice things like that. Your make up's about to run out.
A: I have it all. Since when did you care.
KHJ: Don't be like that. I thought you would've run out of the set you were using before.
A: This is not the time for you to be worrying about my make up.
KHJ: It's nothing on my part. You miss me, right?
A: No.
KHJ: Really? Not even 1%? I still miss you. Maybe I'm crazy. Is this really over? I'm not ready yet. I want to see you again after I've thought of what I want to say. And if this really is the end, I want to do everything I couldn't for you before.
A: Nothing you can do about it. This is reality.
KHJ: I really hope you're happy. There will come a day where we can't keep in contact anymore. But until that day... stay in contact with me.

KHJ: Happy 31st birthday. I hope for today you're happy and receive congratulations. As always, I'm sorry.
A: Yay, flowers~
KHJ: You like them? Does it feel like your birthday?
A: I like them. They're pretty. But you're not with me.
KHJ: It's because I'm not with you that I sent you flowers. You feel happy, right? I didn't write my name in case they were delivered to your parents. Just say a friend gave them to you.

KHJ: I don't think this will end well so I'll do what I can on my end. You live how you want.
A: Alright. Let's cut interest in each other and live our separate lives.
KHJ: Yeah. Live our separate lives. This is it. What's up with the dogs in this neighborhood anyway? I'm pissed but I have no one to share this picture with so I sent it to you. Isn't it funny?
A: It is funny. Have you eaten yet?
KHJ: I had mixed noodles. Did you eat?
A: I had fruits. How's the weather?
KHJ: Rain's stopped and the sun's out now. Make sure you eat.

A: I'm upset..
KHJ: Me too. It's something to be happy about but I'm upset first. Sorry.
A: I understand. Even though I wish it wasn't like this.
KHJ: It's so complicated. The baby will be two years old when I'm back from the army. What do we do then? I feel like all of this is tying me down.

KHJ: Let's tell your parents later. I've thought it over a lot but it's still hard to handle. Give me more time to think. Be understanding for me.
A: Your mind keeps changing and it makes it difficult for me.
KHJ: I never changed my mind. The army is not something I can opt out of.. and I can't see the child grow either. Marriage is not a one person thing. You have to consider it seriously.
A: You won't be able to see the baby grow anyway. You're the one considering whether to throw the baby away or not, what can I say to that?
KHJ: When did I say I'd throw it away? I'll raise it. But don't you think we have to talk about whether we get married or not? I don't understand having to get married just because the baby is being born. Living like that might make things worse.

KHJ: Okay, I'll marry you so can you file a petition with the court. Your husband's about to get a red line on his records.
A: What're you talking about?
KHJ: They said if the case is kept like this and I get a penalty fee, it'll go red on my records. The company said I'll be recognized as a criminal if my crime is admitted.
A: So you're not getting married with me for our child or me but because you don't want to become a criminal?
KHJ: No, I'm saying I'll work and live hard for the sake of our child but I don't want to be caught up in all of this anymore. Let's forget everything and start fresh. I'll be good to you. We'll get married and I'll make you happy.
A: Of course you have to be good. But why are you being like this all of a sudden?
KHJ: To be good. I want to be good for my baby and you. Raise our baby nicely while I'm in the army. (Text provided in another article) I'll kill you if you cheat on me while I'm gone.

KHJ's Father: A-ya, as long as you take things step by step, there's nothing that can go wrong. Don't worry about anything and bring your parents. Just confirm that you are pregnant with us and let's take it from there.
A: I already confirmed everything on February 14th with my diagnosis, confirmation, and ultrasound picture. I'll show you anywhere close or wherever is convenient for you.
Father: I don't believe the ultrasound picture at all because you haven't done anything that has made us trust you. You keep changing your words, is there a reason for that?
A: I never wanted that doctor. And I'm the one who's scared that something's going to happen to my baby. You asked to see the documents so I met with them and showed them all of my records. However, you're still suspicious and you keep wanting me to get tested with the doctor you want. I think it'd be better that we go to a different hospital.

KHJ: How's the baby? I'm curious.. Let's talk, just the two of us, when I get to Korea. I want to see my baby now.
A: (ultrasound video)
KHJ: Aigoo, so big now. It moves, too... Is it from the same hospital? Show me something more recent.
A: (ultrasound picture) The video of it kicking is the most recent one.
KHJ: Yeah, I see it ㅠ Let me see it again. Let's have a frank talk.
A: Its hands and feet move too.. the video isn't sending right because it's a text.


1. [+3,555, -235] All of his stupid fangirls who kept trying to say that A was using the baby to tie him down are probably in a mental breakdown right now ㅋㅋㅋ Let's not forget that this woman wanted nothing but an apology even after he punched her rib out

2. [+2,990, -179] He used his power as a man to beat her but look at him acting all pathetic now and lying. True trash.

3. [+2,805, -141] Wow trash..

4. [+572, -13] Hyun Joong-ah, I'm sorry to say this but it seems like your father was trying to lure her into getting an abortion at the hospital he wanted.

5. [+470, -9] Now that all of the texts are revealed, I think I can finally see what's going on. The company is trash.

6. [+454, -6] So she didn't even refuse to go to the hospital, she just refused to go to the specific doctor they wanted and wanted to go elsewhere.

7. [+451, -7] I understand why the woman didn't want to go to the hospital with them ㅡㅡ Why would the father only want this one specific hospital?; Kim Hyun Joong's company media played so hard to make her look bad.. hul..

8. [+433, -17] Why does it feel like Kim Hyun Joong still has feelings for her but it's his family and his company that are making this complicated. I wish they'd just get married and live quietly with their kid... I bet the company's in a mental breakdown right now with this boomerang.