Park Myung Soo criticized for shoving Seolhyun on the head in 'Brave Family'?

Article: Park Myung Soo under controversy for shoving Seolhyun's head... 'evil editing?'

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+498, -28] Isn't the concept of this variety to be a family. Myung Soo's her uncle then and if his niece Seolhyun accidentally cracked an egg they needed while they're stranded out there without food, I'd hit her on the head too. Not even a big deal...

2. [+450, -35] The journalist should check if he actually shoved her or not before writing articles..

3. [+95, -15] Seolhyun's honestly a nuisance to the family. She washes her hands in water they need to cook with, accidentally cracks an egg... Anyone would go nuts having to live with a kid like this in a community setting.

4. [+51, -10] It's her fault... Lee Moon Shik went through a lot to get that egg and she wasn't careful enough with them that she ended up cracking them. I'd say something to her too.

5. [+42, -9] She's a frustrating character. Isn't careful with anything and really clumsy overall. I don't find anything wrong with giving her a noogie on the head. You can't coddle everyone.

6. [+42, -11] If she did something wrong, what's wrong with reprimanding her for it. He didn't assault her. Are people expecting her to be coddled even when she makes a mistake?


Source: Naver

1. [+13,541, -329] Feels like this was maliciously edited

2. [+12,095, -665] Why are people acting like they don't know Park Myung Soo.. he's the type of person to be mean up in your face but he still cares for you and takes care of you. He's like a tsundere.

3. [+10,976, -689] I'd have to actually see what happened... I mean it is her fault that she cracked the eggs that were really hard to get.

4. [+7,886, -1,908] I'd have to see what happened on the broadcast but he shouldn't have hit her on the head

5. [+5,561, -2,833] Whether it was maliciously edited or not, I personally hate having anyone touch or hit my head...

6. [+1,074, -134] Seolhyun's a nuisance to the family ㅋㅋ

7. [+1,073, -154] If you watched the show, you'll know that Lee Moon Shik practically begged for that one egg and she wasn't careful at all with it. If I were him, I would've smacked her.


Article: 'Brave Family' reps, "Park Myung Soo's controversy for shoving Seolhyun's head is a misunderstanding"

Star News via Naver

"The scene of Park Myung Soo shoving Seolhyun's head in the preview is a misunderstanding. At the time of filming, the entire cast was in a sensitive state because they had not had a proper meal yet. In a situation like that, Seolhyun accidentally cracked an egg and Park Myung Soo lightly shoved her, not even hit, to scold her. He did it naturally as the role of her uncle and they became closer through filming."

1. [+4,540, -125] Smells like malicious editing to me

2. [+3,638, -99] I bet it's just a promotion tactic...

3. [+3,271, -82] If Park Myung Soo was really mad at her and hit her hard or something, I'm sure the atmosphere would've been icy cold and Park Myung Soo would've told the PDs to cut that scene out... I bet the PD just edited it this way to get attention.

4. [+2,800, -78] Trying to get attention with this head shove issue

5. [+529, -39] It's funny how people laugh when Song Ji Hyo hit Lee Kwang Soo on the back of his head really hard but they're acting like this is a huge deal ㅋㅋ

6. [+405, -41] Is this variety show being produced by FNC? So obsessed with getting Seolhyun's name in the media

7. [+381, -52] Seolhyun's getting so much exposure... I feel bad for the other members.