[Pann] 2015 boy group world map

Pann: 2015 boy group world map [bigger size here]

1. [+180, -18] What's with iKON???? Why is it so big???? Did an iKON fan make this?

2. [+166, -16] INFINITE, SHINee, and B1A4 look too small... (personally)

3. [+115, -48] Even as a B2UTY, I think SHINee and INFINITE are too small. SHINee's talented and has a lot of fans in Korea and overseas. They should be at least as big as B2ST but not any less. EXO-K and M combined are too big.. I don't hate EXO but they're not that big.

4. [+76, -0] I understand Winner's size but iKON's is ridiculous. INFINITE and TVXQ and SHINee are also too small. B1A4's is too small compared to their popularity as well. If you put EXO-K and M together, they're huge.

5. [+65, -0] If you combine K and M, they're four times the size as TVXQ... and iKON hasn't even debuted yet, they're too big as well. TVXQ, Big Bang, SHINee, and INFINITE are too small.

6. [+53, -5] I'm an EXO-L but aren't VIPs bigger than EXO? and why are SHINee, Block B, and B1A4 so small

7. [+46, -2] Winner and iKON are practically on TVXQ's level in size ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+42, -1] TVXQ, SHINee, and INFINITE are too small

9. [+41, -0] Big Bang, TVXQ, and B2ST are far ahead of the rest. I acknowledge that EXO have a lot of fans in their teens and twenties but the three have a lot too, just that their fans aren't as active online as EXO's.

10. [+39, -1] INFINITE's is way too small