Clara's reps release full text conversations with CEO

Article: [Exclusive] Full conversation between Clara and CEO released

Source: YTN via Naver

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CEO: Did you rest well? You feel uncomfortable, right? Me too.

I want to see only the Clara that I've known and felt. I'm sending you a Kakao Talk message again because I want to be a supporter who is always a source of strength for you.

Don't be the calculating person that we see so often in the world. I hope you grow as a celebrity who always works hard.

I'm a nice person but scary when it comes to bad people. I don't want you to see that side of me.

No matter how many bad people try to control you, you just have to remain centered on yourself.

You are the one responsible for your own actions and words. If you're unsure, pray. Ask for protection from evil.



Clara: CEO-nim. For someone who claims to protect me, you sent a content certificate in just a day. I always regarded you genuinely. But like you yourself said, I'm beginning to become scared of you. I trust that there is still a chance that we can remain in a good relationship.

CEO: Who sent you a content certificate? I never gave consent to one. I only heard that a draft was being written. If there's a problem, there's nothing wrong with a content certificate being sent, but now that you mention it, I guess I need to send one.

Clara: I've already received one from CEO Lee.

CEO: Check it. I never approved for one. And why is your tone the same as Kim OO?

CEO: Anyway, I just approved of it. There's nothing different from the truth and it's written in a positive manner. It's all for the best for both parties. Why are you being so sensitive about it? You should be the one not to lose a chance on remaining good friends. I'm off to lunch now.



Clara: CEO-nim. When will Director Lee be paid? He said he will be paid by Polaris.

CEO: Employees are paid every month on the 10th. Polaris will of course send out the payments.

Clara: Thank you. OO Oppa was worried.



Clara: CEO-nim. Regarding the 'Lillies' press release, you told me in a previous Kakao message that "the goal isn't to change the contract so you don't have to worry. It's not something that we can do without your consent anyway. There's no reason for us to either." However, I heard that I will be doing 'Lillies' starting this week in a press release that I never gave my consent to. I ask that you put a stop to this. I'll be grateful if you always move forward with contracts with my consent if you do not wish to bring harm onto either parties.



CEO: I'll order them to work specifically according to contract so talk it over with the people in charge of it. I'm tired of dealing with Kim OO's comedy.



CEO: I'm on my way to a dinner on my business trip overseas while thinking of you. It's unfortunate because when you first came to find me, I talked to you with joy and tried my best for you. That hasn't changed even now and I still wish to be of help to you and maintain our good relationship but I don't want to be used by Kim OO.

He's disrespectful and I know that he's going to get in trouble for his ways someday. I avoid him because I don't want to be the one that has to do it.

I trusted you when you said that you were lonely until you came to work with me and that you're happy now because working with me is a source of strength. I'm sure you know that I tried to help you with whatever you wanted. You're the first that I personally took care of so it hurts me that it's come to this.

Why didn't I know that you tried to bring Kim OO into my company to manage you when the whole world knows of your relationship together?

It upsets me that you consult with Kim OO on everything and that you're doing this to me right now. I know that your opinions won't change for as long as you're close with him.

If anything more goes wrong, this no longer becomes a battle between a company and a celebrity. The consequences will be the responsibility of not Kim OO or the company but you Clara personally. You are at risk of irrecoverable consequences. I want to block that from happening so I throw my pride away to message you this.

With you finding trouble with everything in our agency and trying to find a reason to terminate your contract with us, I'm reminded of OOO from a few years ago. OOO was 29 years old at the time too and I'm sad to see you trying to walk the same path as them.

Who will it be harder for the more we argue over the content certificate? I am the final decision maker in the company but I cannot ignore the opinions of the staff. Rumors will run fast.

If you sincerely hate working with the company and feel the need to fight us, I want you to consult with a famous lawyer without the influence of Kim OO.

I'm telling you again that I personally want to do everything for you. Think it over in realistic terms.


Clara: Thank you for your message. I know that you have strong pride. Can we have a glass of wine together soon?

CEO: I hate wasting time and energy but I wish you'll know that my feelings for you are bigger than my pride. I return on the weekend so I think next week Friday will be a good time. Look over your schedule and we'll go from there.



Clara: CEO-nim. I'll check my schedule and let you know.



Clara: CEO-nim. Like I told you multiple times earlier, the thing that I was worried about regarding the reports on my Polaris contract has happened. I expect your response.

Clara: What will happen to me if I become suspended from broadcast? I'm so worried.



CEO: I'm on my way home after having some wine.

Why is Clara being introduced as being under Koreana on the internet and why is Kim OO acting as your management, going around like he's the CEO and meeting with people?

You're the one yelling at our staff to find you new work but keep delaying the announcement of being under your new agency. What can our company do for you then?

If OOO files a lawsuit, the company will do everything in our power as according to your contract. If I can give you a word of advice, it's that you focus more on your inner relationship with our company than OOO. If you maintain a positive relationship with your company, everyone will try to help you. There is more responsibility to all of this than what is written on a contract.

There won't be difficulty like broadcast suspensions happening if you follow that. But if you keep acting like you are now, going against your contract with our company and bringing trouble to our relationships, it will be difficult to handle the consequences that come with that being leaked to the public.

I help anyone I can and I obviously want to help you, Clara. Don't lose this chance. I'll consult with our legal team on the Kakao Talk you sent me and order for a solution.



CEO: After my meeting, I'll talk to your father. I'll be eating first while waiting.

CEO: I hope you don't ignore what I told you earlier. They're all things I say out of my concern for you. Depending on how you overcome these obstacles, it can either be a positive thing for you or a risk.

I know it will be hard for you to cut your relationship with Kim OOO but he's a mountain you need to climb and overcome.

Kim OOO is going around saying that you two will be married soon. There are plenty of great people in the world, there's no point in you getting married to a man you'll regret, right?

CEO: The staff was happy to hear that you ended things on a good note. Leave your management up to the company and take care of your health. We'll help your entertainment promotions as best as we can.

Clara; Yes, CEO-nim, thank you.



CEO: Why are you doing this! It's like you've ignored everything I said? Even your father was talking to me like I should know.

You should've ended things after your trip to Jejudo with Kim OOO. You really want to expose yourself to the journalists like that by going to America together? The media contacted me about your date of departure. I tried to hold back in case it would be a detriment to your promotions.

I'm really worried as to what you're even thinking with alll of this.

Clara: CEO-nim, thank you for worrying about me. I'll be more careful. I just finished the Japanese Kobe collection stage.



Clara: CEO-nim, thank you for the Chuseok present. I hope you spend a happy Chuseok.



CEO: Did you meet with 0 well? It seems he wants to be paid in a lump sum for compensation so talk it over and decide on one yourself. We'll discuss anything you need on help from the company.

CEO: That company doesn't want a lawsuit with us either so you can be confident.

Clara: A lawsuit is not wanted. They are talking about 0000 in compensation.

CEO: That's what we originally wanted to give. It's better that we end it that way and focus on our work.

Clara: I don't have that money right now.

Clara: They're asking for 0000 in a lump sum. Will the company pay for that?

CEO: I'll tell the accounting office and legal team to discuss it over and end it quick. Work hard.


CEO: I am so busy with the Ladies Code accident right now.

Clara: I just want to focus on my work right now. Find strength, CEO-nim.



*texts about Clara not attending Ladies Code accident that have already been translated*



CEO: If you still have trust in me and believe and depend on the power of our company, then you should be discussing all matters about the company with me, not Kim OOO. Why is it that you put the company on the backburner and default to Kim OOO?

If you attend all of your Korean and overseas schedules with Kim OOO instead of your manager, I and our company cannot help you. You need to think this over again.

CEO: There is a clear difference between what you want to do and what you can do. A celebrity is a public figure so they must only do what they can and need.

If there's something you want to do but shouldn't, you shouldn't do it. A public figure cannot live on in life doing everything they want. There are heavy public consequences that come with it. That is why public figures are loved by the public.

I really want Clara to be a proper celebrity who influences society in a positive way. I don't want you to be a celebrity who receives hate and disappears.

Why do you try to ruin the bigger picture by focusing on the smaller things? Everything you're doing now is connected to Kim OO. It's unfortunate! Think it over.

Remember that everyone else has eyes and ears and can think for themselves.


Clara: Lawyer 0 is not answering me. What should I do?

CEO: Well it's a holiday so maybe he's on break. I'll contact him and ask him to attend our meeting.

CEO: I've lived for as long as I need to. I hope that you'll learn something from this accident. Learn that life is short and that you need to live properly.

I'm writing this message again to tell you that I'm trying to help and that you need to wake up.

If I didn't want to help you, I wouldn't be writing this. I'd be resting after sending RiSe's family off. I'm not even in the mood to be writing this to you right now.

Don't just think of your position and think of all of this from an objective standpoint. I will always be of help to you but the help of our staff is dependent on your attitude and position. You know that, right?



CEO: I just got out of my business trip. I'll be in Seoul tomorrow afternoon. Do you have time?

I just received updates from the legal and management team. It's been a while since I saw you just one on one so I think I need to hear your opinions on this. Dinner will be great or just wine is fine too.

Clara: Wine tomorrow night is fine.

CEO: What time?

Clara: How does 7 PM sound?

CEO: 7 PM is fine. Come to Lotte. I'll make a reservation in Seoul tomorrow and let you know.

Clara: Sorry but because of transportation time, I think I'll need more time. How does 8 sound?

CEO: That's fine. It'll be even greater if you can make it by 7:30. It's a bit of an awkward window for me. When does your schedule before that end?

CEO: If it's a stretch for you, I can take another dinner schedule and meet after that.

Clara: I think it'll be better for us to meet after your dinner schedule.

CEO: Then I'll see you at the Lotte Peninsula at 8:30.

Clara: Okay. I'll see you at 8:30 tomorrow.

CEO: Great, rest well!



CEO: I got into Seoul late so I think we need to reschedule our meeting to tomorrow.

Clara: I'm available from 2:30 to 4 tomorrow. Can we meet at the academy?

CEO: That's fine. Are we on for 2:30 at the academy?

Clara: Yes, CEO-nim.



CEO: When we meet tomorrow, I want to hear your truth. I may own the company but I can't know everything and I can't be involved with everything either. The legal and management team only tell me what I absolutely need to know.

Meeting you used to be different from other celebrities in that it was exciting and refreshing but now it feels heavy and frustrating.

CEO (12:11): I'm thinking of you while drinking wine at the Peninsula.

Let's have a good meeting tomorrow.

Clara (2:22): I'm here.



CEO: I thought we could be good friends so I'm upset that it ended up the way it did. I received a content certificate under your father's name today. I just want to check that you feel the same way. I'm sending you this message in hopes that you'll change your mind. If you're determined and feel sure, I'll give up.

Clara: I am sure.



Clara: You said you'd give up but you sent another content certificate. You asked for an answer by 12 so here's my text. 'I hate you to the point of getting goosebumps.'

CEO: I thought you were a logical person so I tried to keep things positive with you until the end so it's unfortunate that you're saying such disrespectful things.

When I said I'd be giving up, it meant that I'd be giving up on you on a human level. I'd be giving up on the Clara that I thought preciously of.

The matters you need to resolve with the company should be resolved with the company.

You yourself send content certificates that aren't true so why are you so sensitive to me sending a content certificate as well? You cannot win over the truth with a lie!


1. [+1,235, -22] What is she saying was edited? There's no difference to what Dispatch released. And we still can't find where he said he had a girlfriend in any of the documents. There's also nothing in the texts where he sexually harasses her.

2. [+782, -10] Couldn't they have edited this better to be read easier...

3. [+707, -5] She's hopeless

4. [+281, -2] The only thing these texts prove is that she's dating Kim OOO

5. [+264, -1] So she's definitely lovers with that Kim guy...

6. [+262, -2] There's nothing that supports her in this. Even after revealing everything she has, the only thing these texts reveal is that she's dating Kim. Sigh...

7. [+254, -0] He's not hitting on her... sounds more like he's trying to manage a celebrity who keeps causing trouble. Where in these documents does he ever say that he's married but has a girlfriend? No where.


Source: Nate

1. [+1,348, -15] I read everything... and there's no difference from what was previously released.

2. [+1,108, -35] Too long to read, just screw off you crazy b*tch

3. [+192, -2] Other than more context on her relationship with Kim, there's no difference to what Dispatch released. So where is that supposed statement where the CEO claims he has a girlfriend?

4. [+161, -1] I love how Polaris looked out for Clara by leaving out the parts about her relationship with Kim but Clara shoots herself in the foot by releasing that herself.

5. [+146, -3] There's no difference between the two versions. What was she thinking even releasing this? The more I read it, the more the CEO seems like a nice person...

6. [+137, -2] No different from Dispatch's version. Where's the sexual harassment?

7. [+127, -0] Clara's reps really released this???????? It's the same exact texts as what Polaris sent Dispatch. This just confirms her relationship with her former CEO Kim... They went to Jejudo together.. America together... She went everywhere with her exCEO. Dispatch reported the right thing.

8. [+108, -0] No different from Dispatch's. I read the whole thing. So she tried to bring Kim OOO into Polaris as her manager. What is he? Her husband? For a CEO, he treated a rookie star with a lot of respect. How ridiculous.. she acts like a top star.

9.  [+580, -6] Just read everything.... Clara just shot herself in the foot by releasing this.