[Instiz] 'Roommate' crosses the line with hidden camera prank on Jackson

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Instiz: 'Roommate' really crossed the line on yesterday's episode

PDs tricked Jackson into thinking his mother had come to visit and got him all excited for their hidden camera prank. Jackson's mother is sick but he had to leave her for two years for his career in Korea. It ended up being Lee Guk Joo.

"This honestly pisses me off so much... Just what are they doing to this kid..."

"I really want to know what the producers were thinking when they thought this was okay."

"I can't even imagine how hurt he felt."

"Hul, it broke my heart when he called out 'mama' ㅠㅠ"

"Using family members for hidden cameras is crossing a line..."

"Living alone in a new country is hard enough as it is, he's obviously going to be missing her so why would they do that to him?"

"If the producers feel sorry over this, I hope they invite his parents for real once."

"Do not mess with family. This could've given him such a psychological shock but the show plays it off like it's nothing!"

"Almost cried watching this... PDs have to be psycho to think this is just a joke."

"Do they think he's easy to play like that just because he's a rookie?"