Swings and Ailee collaborate for 'A Real Man'

Article: Swings x Ailee, 'A Real Man' for a woman

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+782, -110] This bastard would always run his mouth about rappers doing duets with popular female singers and now he's doing it himself, how hopeless

2. [+400, -84] The rap and the duet itself are awkward, just not into it

3. [+300, -59] Rather awkward..

4. [+313, -82] Is that Kim Jong Un on the left?

5. [+76, -20] On Show Me the Money, it seems he hasn't let go of his delinquent mentality. He doesn't know how to be humble and openly laughs at the stage of others. He's biased for his own team and agency members but tries to act all cool on the outside. I hate how cocky he is.

6. [+54, -11] It makes me laugh how Swings tries to act so tryhard... People who are really strong don't need to show it off like that because you can just feel it. He's just a pig.

7. [+37, -1] Swings is such a hypocrite. When Vasco on his own team did rock on a hip hop show, he didn't say anything but when Yang Dong Geun's team pulled out reggae, he criticized it..

8. [+45, -9] Isn't he the pig who criticized other rappers for duets? I guess he's kneeling before money too. He's just a hypocritical pig.