South Korea takes #1 in plastic surgery (per population)

Article: "#1 plastic surgery nation in the world... 134 different procedures available"

Yonhap News via Naver

1. America
2. Brazil
3. China
4. Japan
5. Mexico
6. Italy
7. Korea (131/10,000)
8. India
9. France
10. Germany

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Nation / Total procedures / per 10,000 people / Plastic surgery / per 10,000 people / Cosmetic procedures / per 10,000 people


1. [+1,674, -93] But honestly, fake faces that obviously look like they got work done gross me out

2. [+1,462, -99] Want to know why there's so much plastic surgery? Because not only our country but any country in the world judges everything based on looks and criticizes them the hardest. Instead of loving someone for how they look as they are, people ask questions like what's up with your nose? Your eyes? Your face? Why is your body like that? They care too much about what doesn't concern them. Everyone has a different look, a different body.. why can't we just accept that every individual is different? Why criticize it? I get so embarrassed of Koreans every time they do that.

3. [+1,143, -54] I think Korea is probably the highest ranking country when it comes to caring more about the outside than the inside. They don't care what's inside their heads as long as they look shiny on the outside.

4. [+1,142, -83] Korea's rotten in more ways than one.

5. [+948, -40] If you look on foreign sites where people can comment like Naver, foreigners put up pictures of Koreans and talk about plastic surgery all the time... I use foreign sites to watch Korean dramas and they all think our actors are only pretty or handsome because they got work done. It's not only Koreans that know our nation's #1 when it comes to plastic surgery, all the foreign kids know it too and they talk about it all the time... While Koreans are proud of plastic surgery, in other countries where the standards of beauty aren't as constricted, kids grow up being told that they're beautiful. I feel bad for our country..