Marriage counseling via selfies on Instagram

Article: Lee Min Jung transforms into a chic goddess... woman of many charms!

Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+1,143, -100] She's been looking lonelier after getting married

2. [+828, -58] Why does she only upload selcas on Instagram instead of picking up a new work

3. [+739, -75] She's still ridiculously pretty. I want to see her with Lee Byung Hun too.

4. [+731, -88] Why does she always look so lonely? I'm worried that her marriage life isn't that fun.

5. [+224, -24] Her and Kim Tae Hee are both examples of actresses living off of CFs because they're beautiful but don't have the acting talent for real work

6. [+136, -29] I wonder if she's regretting her marriage yet. ㅎ I still remember the airport photos after their honeymoon of Lee Byung Hun walking ahead leaving Lee Min Jung behind and she looked like she was trying to catch up ㅋㅋㅋ Fool, why marry a man like that? You won't have happiness the longer this lasts.

7. [+119, -23] Her life as a celebrity is over, it's time she accepts that

8. [+103, -11] Seems she's consoling herself with selcas after getting less work compared to her husband~ Her marriage life looks lonely