[Instiz] Sulli fans in a mental breakdown

Huge f(x) fan of 5 years with over 750,000 comments changed his name to 'Not a Sulli Fan'

Instiz: Current state of f(x) fans

"I am... disappointed in her... She just went too far. I'm going crazy with all the rumors of her leaving the group."

"I totally understand ㅋㅋㅋ Only fans can understand this feeling... Blindly defending her won't solve anything. If Sulli's biggest fan even left her, there's no hope.."

"I bet the disappointment they're feeling is huge..."

"Only real fans will understand this feeling. Normal people only think that fans are getting mad over their favorite singer dating but it's not that... it's not just because they're dating. Fans and Sulli, find strength ㅠㅠ"

"I completely understand.. I feel bad for Sulli and her fans ㅜ"

"Hul, it's a lot worse than I thought.."

"I bet fans are frustrated.. should've just confirmed it from the beginning and it wouldn't be as bad as everything is now."

"I wonder if she even knows she got this far thanks to her fans..."

"Sulli, you're being too selfish..."