TV: Jessica & Krystal

Article: Jessica, "It makes me tear up when I see Krystal during difficult times"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+367, -36] As you live on in life, you come to realize that the only people on your side are your family

2. [+266, -29] I don't have sisters myself so I don't know how it feels but I guess it's the same thing as tearing up without reason whenever you see your mom... It makes me jealous to see them look out for each other.

3. [+255, -51] I like seeing Jessica and Krystal depend on each other and share their thoughts and concerns ㅠㅠ Fighting!!


Article: Krystal falls asleep in Jessica's arms 'caring Jung sisters'

Mydaily via Nate

1. [+147, -24] Jessica had international schedules of her own but she stayed up all night trying to make a tart for her dongseng's friends but failed. She also packed Krystal treats to eat while heading to work in the morning ㅠㅠ She's cute but also mature

2. [+131, -16] It felt heartwarming to hear them talk about how one looked like their mother and the other their father ㅋㅋ It'd make me feel really happy as a parent if I heard my own daughters say something like that to each other.

3. [+123, -22] I'd love having a sister like that when I'm older ㅠㅠ They take care of each other so well, I love them ♥