'Show Me the Money' rapper Yook Jidam rumored to be an iljin

Article: 'Show Me the Money' reps, "We are looking into rumors of Yook Jidam being an iljin"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+14,237, -128] The internet's already ablaze with the post written by the kid she tortured

2. [+11,628, -114] Her real pictures are already all over Facebook anyway ㅎ

3. [+11,296, -1,107] She seems fit to be a rapper if she's getting into controversies already...

4. [+7,151, -287] Netizens are so amazing

5. [+3,441, -58] To the people asking what's so wrong with an iljin being on TV.. of course they shouldn't be. Would you want to see someone who stole your money and spat on your shoes on TV being praised as some amazing student? You're arguing that she's talented? Well, Shin Jung Hwan's a talented comedian, why don't you argue that he should return to the industry too?

6. [+3,403, -35] I don't care about iljins who smoke and drink since it only effects themselves... but kids who torture others should definitely not be on TV. How pissed would their victims be to see that?

7. [+3,131, -31] Anyone who messes up the life of another and hopes the best for their own life should disappear

8. [+2,469, -31] I don't care that she's an iljin. The fact that she tortured students and acted up against her teachers should mean that she's not allowed on TV.


The account stated; "I'm a fellow student who graduated from the same elementary, junior, and high school as Yook Jidam. I don't know how to express everything she's done because I'm not good with words but not only did she drink and smoke, but she was also a part of a gang named 'Innocent13'. The gang beat me up at a karaoke room in Shincheon. Yook Jidam would hit people for not having any money. She also swore at her teachers."