MBC bans lip syncing on 'Music Core'

Article: [Exclusive] MBC "'Lip sync' idols who only open and close their mouths on stage will be kicked off stage"

Munhwa Ilbo via Naver

'Music Core' CP, "Singers who can't sing live on stage do not have what it takes to be a singer. We will be thoroughly checking each MR submitted by the agencies and make sure that singers who only open and close their mouths will be gone from the stage."

"Nowadays, 'listening' music has become the trend but there is still a discrepancy where those who sing live will continue to do so while those who don't still don't. Even if a group is centered around their performance, a singer should sing or rap live to satisfy the public."

1. [+1,569, -17] True, singers who don't sing live on stage might as well be goldfishes. What great news ^^

2. [+1,298, -20] Good decision.

3. [+1,258, -20] It's true, a singer who only dances is a dancer, not a singer.

4. [+1,359, -203] Bye bye EXO ^^

5. [+892, -42] Can't call a singer who doesn't sing live a singer... I wonder when Buzz is coming back, it's time to sweep the charts.

6. [+296, -45] I guess that means no more EXO. I was so shocked that they performed 2/3 of their own concert in lip sync... They have so many members too, they barely have to sing 30 seconds each.

7. [+256, -15] Red light for SM kekeke

8. [+264, -43] EXO's screwed...

9. [+259, -43] Won't be seeing EXO on Music Core anymore then

10. [+230, -14] I totally support this decision. I don't even get why they gave lip syncers a mic anyway. They're just a dance group, not singers.