Supporting actor Woo Bong Shik discovered dead in his home

Article: Supporting Actor Woo Bong Shik discovered dead in his rented home

Source: Donga Ilbo via Naver

He hung himself at home.

1. [+93, -10] So many actors spend a decade at a time scraping the floor of the industry as no names, barely getting anywhere despite their hard work and these idols get popular off of one song, which gives them a one way ticket into acting... viewers then have to put up with crappy acting... This is the result of absurdity.

2. [+58, -4] He was a fool to have ended his life but drama producers and directors need to give actors like him some roles. Stop using idols, it frustrates me so much having to see them act.

3. [+48, -3] It's seriously pathetic to see idols in dramas when there are actors truly passionate about their field living in such difficult circumstances. I can't stand dramas with idols in them.

4. [+40, -2] So stop using idols in dramas and movies. I don't care about idols with an actual passion for acting but it's a disgrace seeing idols who are only in it to give it a try out of curiosity. Use no name actors like him instead. They live in difficulty to chase their one dream of acting... stop using fake actors, use real actors!!


Source: Nate

1. [+206, -6] I hope that you will land an amazing lead role in your next life. Rest in peace....

2. [+82 ,-6] Every actor lives with the dream of becoming popular like Kim Soo Hyun or Lee Min Ho... there is a winner and failure in every facet of society but this is still upsetting...

3. [+56, -7] People need to stop glamorizing suicide by saying that there will be better opportunities in their next life. That only encourages suicidal people to actually go through with it because it gives them the delusion that they can end their misery now for something better later. Differentiate your words between distortion and sympathy. Suicide is murder. You gain nothing out of death and life is something you are only given once. You will not be reborn again for something better so please do not commit suicide.

4. [+13, -11] Crappy idol actors become leads and earn hundreds of thousands per episode in the blink of an eye. Imagine how hard it must be to act as a no name for 20 years and not make a cent... There must be so many actors covered under crappy acting idols.

5. [+5, -4] This is why I never watch dramas or movies with idols in them.


May he rest in peace.