What happened to all of the girl groups at the Seoul Music Awards?

Article: 'Seoul Music Awards' boy groups show their power, but where have all the girl singers gone?

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+2,898, -30] Think about it, a lot more girls vote for things like this. Boys are too lazy to do it unless they're a hardcore fanboy.

2. [+2,468, -91] Boy groups will always do better... Boys will look at girl groups and say oh, they're pretty, and that will be that while girls follow them, buy their albums, etc... That's why Soshi is considered amazing. They sell a lot of albums and have a strong fandom compared to male groups.

3. [+2,077, -194] Soshi's amazing if you think about all things considered

4. [+1,828, -39] 90% of the audience were girls too anyway... judging by the cheer sounds.

5. [+1,598, -183] You're not going to get another girl group like SNSD who can sell 300,000 copies.

6. [+333, -53] Where was f(x)? SM really needs to support f(x) more... don't even have a fanclub despite being years into their debut.

7. [+220, -28] Why didn't Younha, Im Chang Jung, Jaurim, Lee Juk, Urban Zakapa, or Brown Eyed Soul win anything?

8. [+163, -17] Isn't it obvious? Boy groups have a strong fangirl fanbase, everyone already knows that. What do you expect a fanboy to do? They would never go nearly as far as fangirls do.