Mystic89 denies Puer Kim's new MV was making jabs at SM and YG

Article: Mystic89 reps clarify "Putting down SM and YG? It's just a concept"

Star News via Naver

"The music video is just a concept. There was no purposeful intention to put down SM and YG. The two companies are the top two agencies of the idol industry which is why their initials were used as examples in the music video. The meaning of the music video is that idol singers are artists as well and that they shouldn't be so looked down upon. The music video takes a look at an angle that shows the abuse idol groups go through..."

1. [+1,827, -36] Well, congratulations on rising in public recognition

2. [+1,640, -70] What about JYP... include JYP too

3. [+1,361, -50] Is this another gimmick to get headlines?

4. [+1,323, -46] Is her concept putting down other companies?

5. [+1,126, -40] Who is she?

6. [+219, -5] What a way to kill JYP twice

7. [+214, -7] But using YG and SM's names just feel like it was a put down no matter what they say

8. [+188, -9] Park Jin Young dislikes this article