Jang Geun Suk declares 'Pretty Man' as the last rom com of his life

Article: Jang Geun Suk "Pretty Man will be the last rom com of my life"

Star News via Naver

1. [+456, -35] That's why you haven't improved but rather gone backwards. Next time, pick a project reliant on your acting skills, not your looks. It's not even that you're bad at acting, why do you always only pick dramas or movies of that genre?

2. [+407, -34] I miss Yoo Seung Ho...

3. [+407, -69] "I was afraid of nicknames like the nation's dongseng or the nation's brother. I didn't want to limit myself to an image like that." Since when was he the nation's anything?

4. [+287, -11] I do want to seeother images from him

5. [+82, -6] You're not supposed to throw around words like last so easily. You'll look like a liar if that isn't true later.

6. [+77, -15] He doesn't want to be safe? Look at the characters he's been chosing. All of them guarantee safety through Japanese ajummas.

7. [+70, -8] He should've gone with a historical drama... His image actually matches it but he always goes for the pretty boy rom com roles.

8. [+55, -12] He's still a tryhard... Why even say it's his last? Should've just said that he doesn't regret his rom com roles but that he'll try harder to add more variety... He still has a long way to go.