Girl's Day changes their choreography due to controversy

Article: 'Sexually suggestive controversy' Girl's Day, how did their changed choreography look?

Mydaily via Naver

1. [+2,528, -245] Their outfits were nice and it was really good that they toned it down

2. [+1,816, -135] It looked a bit boring but definitely better to watch. It was embarrassing to watch with family at first.

3. [+1,475, -140] I liked the change

4. [+1,472, -246] They could've left the feather dance in, it wasn't that erotic

5. [+1,255, -247] All they had to do was fix the intro, why'd they change everything up... a bit overboard.

6. [+296, -37] Good. I fu*kin hated seeing them shake their butts on the floor.

7. [+261, -17] Since we solved Girl's Day, it's time to solve Rainbow

8. [+222, -25] They fixed it at the right time... right as their image was cheapening up.