B1A4 wins #1 on 'Music Bank' amidst massively spreading controversy

Article: B1A4 wins #1 on 'Music Bank' with Lonely "Please enjoy our music"

Star News via Naver

1. [+4,364, -378] Winning #1 in the middle of a sajaegi controversy must not feel all that great for them

2. [+3,497, -816] The singer has no crime. The agency is the problem.

3. [+2,126, -257] You can't just dismiss the album sales amounting to 5% of the win. That 5% is huge for idols with big fandoms.

4. [+2,941, -1,582] Their conscience is 'Lonely'

5. [+1,071, -76] I think it was good for SM to cancel their Music Bank appearance ㅋㅋㅋ fans would've thrown a fit if they went


Article: [B1A4 Sajaegi Controversy] Agency and Hanteo claim "They are unwarranted claims"

X Sports news via Naver

1. [+4,127, -479] Hanteo's statement cannot be used as evidence because they only count the number of barcodes recorded. When group orders are processed, fans or copmanies are supposed to keep record of either the money deposited and collected or the receipts but because the agency only recorded the barcodes and sent that number to Hanteo, Hanteo has no idea whether those barcodes were actual CDs sold or not. For a group who only sold 20,000 copies normally to randomly sell 70,000 copies without receipts means something fishy is going on. The company needs to put out receipts in order to put this to rest but for the past five days, they have been using Hanteo's statement as their only form of media play.

2. [+4,054, -437] They need to pay the price for doing something illegal

3. [+3,378, -284] The company's CEO is so stupid... He's basically screaming, "Just believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!" and calling it an official statement...

4. [+2,970, -194] Are they seriously using Gaon Chart's first week sales as their only form of evidence? What's wrong with them? They talk as if this is their first time selling albums ㅋㅋ

5. [+2,838, -218] They're basically just spinning the same retort over and over despite all of them already being proven to be unusable evidence or false


Article: B1A4's agency and Hanteo reps being pummeled with fandom phone calls "Disruption of business"

E-News via Nate

1. [+665, -120] There have already been reports in the media of fans waiting outside stores to buy TVXQ's album and stores even setting aside a separate counter for TVXQ album sales. Over 8,000 attended their fan signing and TVXQ is known for filling 850,000 concert seats. For B1A4, a band that can't even fill out a 5,000 seat handball stadium, to sell the same amount as TVXQ in a week... makes no sense. The only groups in our country to sell 70,000 in a week are TVXQ, Big Bang, SuJu, and SNSD.

2. [+546, -85] They can't explain how 40,000 copies were sold in three days over the weekend, when online sales aren't counted. None of the record stores said they ran out of CDs to sell but somehow 14,000 were sold in three hours by a grou pthat barely sold 100,000 in total over their entire promotion period. How are they going to explain how they sold as much as TVXQ, Big Bang, SuJu, and SNSD in one week alone?

3. [+500, -77] I already called record stores and they said that for a group to have sold 40,000 copies in three days means that record stores should have either ran out of copies to sell or have set aside a separate counter for them entirely, none of which actually happened. In the main record stores in Seoul, they said that they sold 29, 30, and 100 copies a day. So where is that 40,000??????