IU makes an all kill on the charts

Reader request.


Article: IU at the top of the digital charts for the fourth day in a row... self composition + emotions work

Mydaily via Naver

1. [+79, -22] Wow... her song is ridiculously good. Her distinctive voice is so charming.

2. [+58, -7] On another level from the other idols. How can you call a singer who makes a perfect all kill on the charts with self compositions an idol? Idols are all about briefly shining on the charts through fandom power, not consistent support like IU.

3. [+70, -23] This song is really good..

4. [+52, -6] I love the song, thanks for always releasing good songs. Amazing talent coming from her. I'll be looking forward to more.

5. [+43, -7] Barring everything else, you have to acknowledge her talent as a singer. She's at the top when it comes to female soloists right now. Lacks nothing when it comes to music color and composition skills. She could lose her popularity as a star later but sitll have a long running career as a musician.