y is this nation's first ??? title so important????

Article: Lee Yeon Hee "I feel happy about getting the nation's first love title taken away from me by Suzy" (interview)

TV Report via Nate

"The nation's first love title is no longer mine. It's Suzy now. I'm the old nation's first love. Anyway, I'm not that type of person (laugh). I actually feel happy about the pressure being taken off of me and I'm glad that the title has passed on to Suzy. Of course, being loved by the public is a good thing but I can't be expected to show a good image at all times. I also can't be the nation's first love for the rest of my life. I don't know what title I'll be given next but I hope that it's a lot less pressuring than the nation's first love. Haha."

1. [+1,214, -133] Since when was Lee Yeon Hee the nation's anything??

2. [+1,022, -128] She's not the nation's first love anymore because she never was it to begin with

3. [+42, -231] Lee Yeon Hee's pretty... but I always thought it was Suzy..?

4. [+60, -17] Since when???? Isn't she the nation's crappy actress?

5. [+57, -39] Suzy's pretty and it's not that I hate her or anything but the amount of media play about her nation's first love image is so frustrating.

6. [+53, -42] So much media play surrounding Suzy's first love image so I thought her movie hit  10 million viewers but it only recorded 4 million...

7. [+44, -36] The first love icon was always Lee Yeon Hee, Suzy just got it through media play...

8. [+42, -30] Suzy became the nation's first love through media play

9. [+37, -12] I'm sure Lee Yeon Hee's the nation's crappy actress..

10. [+28, -24] I remember her being called the nation's first love after her movie... I think A Millionaire's First Love?