Dispatch gives a sneak preview of T-ara's new MV with Haetae

Article: [Exclusive Look] "Reply, Haetae"... a preview of T-ara's MV set

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+1,528, -23] Seems like the CEO is using Haetae's popularity since he's under the same company as T-ara anyway

2. [+1,109, -42] tsk tsk, how did you get tangled in with T-ara sigh

3. [+1,071, -43] Haetae-ya...........

4. [+398, -28] I want to change his company for him.. of all places, why there..

5. [+312, -14] Chingu-ya, that place isn't good for you

6. [+209, -9] That determination to ride on Reply's popularity

7. [+208, -19] Of all the companies, why Core...

8. [+169, -6] Came in to see Haetae and was greeted by those frustrating b*tches instead