Article: "All nude pictures suspected to be Ailee" allkpop report claims

Kuki News via Nate

1. [+642, -37] I heard her ex-boyfriend released. What an utter ba$tard.

2.[ +542, -38] I get that she was young and immature but I don't understand why she'd take pictures like this... I don't get why girls will agree to any guy who asks them to do it. Obviously they're going to use it for blackmail and threats.

3. [+445, -10] Oh my god, what's going on

4. [+78, -1] There's proof of it being her because someone took shots from her older videos and the room is the same

5. [+71, -2] Whether or not her ex-boyfriend did it, why even take pictures like this to begin with...

6. [+52, -27] But Ailee's American and has a bit of a confident image so it's not that shocking for me... It's like a foreign star getting into a scandal. IU was actually more shocking.

7. [+43, -10] At times like this, Ailee should just keep it cool and say something simple like, "My body's hot, right?" Then people will move on and forget.

8. [+41, -3] Why even take pictures like this...

9. [+34, -3] Ailee is singing "I'll show you"

10. [+24, -4] The guy is a ba$tard for spreading it but Ailee's just as responsible for taking these pictures...