Yura denies glaring at Suzy at the 'IAC'

Reader request.


Article: Girl's Day's Yura glared at Suzy? "I like her... the misunderstanding makes me upset"

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+513, -41] She's probably embarrassed after getting caught giving Suzy the once over

2. [+390, -36] If you look at IAC fancams, other girls were giving Suzy the once over too. You girls all know that two second scan that I'm talking about.

3. [+449, -223] She didn't glare, just gave her the once over. Either way, whether she did it because Suzy's pretty or because she's jealous, it's a bad habit she should fix!

4. [+64, -13] It's obvious she gave Suzy the once over because she's jealous. If she looked at her purely because she liked her, you couldn't be making a face like that. There are girls at school who look at the popular pretty girls like that.

5. [+61, -11] Anyone who's seen the video will know that Yura gave her the once over not once but three times and even glared. I liked Yura because I thought she was nice but I guess you can't judge someone on the outside.

6. [+60, -12] She did look at Suzy in a rude way, though...

7. [+49, -6] Even if she didn't glare at Suzy specifically, giving people the once over is not a good habit. She's the one who brought this misunderstanding pon herself.

8. [+45, -9] How can you look at someone you like like that? ㅋㅋㅋ It's obvious she doesn't like her, it's written all over her face.