YG doesn't care about music program wins anymore?

Reader request.


Article: 'No more all ins' Why does YG no longer care about winning on music programs?

Source: OSEN via Naver

Article thinks that YG doesn't feel that music programs are as important anymore with the way they've been marketing GD's comeback. While singers will purposely release digital/physical songs and albums on Mondays to rack up as many weekly points as possible for the shows, GD has been releasing bits and pieces of his album on days that other singers wouldn't find viable (some of his songs were released Friday, which leaves no room for him to gain any weekly music program points).

1. [+2,456, -161] Music programs have no meaning anymore, especially since EXO overtook Crayon Pop with album sales alone and TEEN TOP somehow manages to win #1 as soon as they make their comeback. It's a league for those who care about 2% viewer ratings. G-Dragon can sell albums just fine without promoting on there.

2. [+1,945, -49] Our music programs are just popularity contests

3. [+1,747, -100] I like his song ㅋㅋ I like that YG isn't obsessed with trophies

4. [+1,664, -76] Yeah, there's no meaning left to winning #1 anymore. If YG cared about winning, they wouldn't have released G-Dragon, Seungri, and 2NE1 all at once.

5. [+1,376, -107] We're way past the time of caring about music program wins. There's no meaning to shows where EXO and Crayon Pop are the winners.

6. [+328, -18] I don't think YG cares about their artists right now... too busy promoting their trainees.

7. [+276, -20] I don't watch music programs anymore... I just check the digital rankings.

8. [+263, -17] GD's past the class of having to buy your trophies