KARA's comeback + Hara/Seulong pictorial

Reader request.


Article: KARA takes off their crossdressing and comes back with a princess concept 'now it's perfect'

SBS E! via Nate

1. [+463, -121] So pretty. Even as a fellow woman, they're all so charming. Just don't go into acting, ever.

2. [+230, -152] Women who know how to surprise us ㅋㅋ Each of their beauties are daebak

3. [+183, -127] I listened to their pre-release song. It's a ballad and sounds great. Looking forward to their title track~ ㅎㅎ


Article: Im Seulong backhugs Goo Hara 'strange atmosphere'

: Newsen via Nate

1. [+662, -25] What the, how is it possible that they don't match each other this badly

2. [+570, -21] First time seeing a couple pictorial where they don't match each other at all

3. [+100, -13] No talent for this kind of thing