Cat stew

Article: "Boiling a live cat... Do you know what a 'Nabi stew' is?"

Source: No Cut News via Naver

Journalist: Can you explain what's going on in this photo? There are four cats in this apple box, right?

Animal Rights Association: Yes.

Journalist: So they were put in mesh bags, one each, right?

ARA: Yes. The kids weren't able to move and just layed there quietly. The picture was taken in Busan, a street in Nampo-dong.

Journalist: Where are the cats being sold to? Not as pets, I'm sure?

ARA: The ones being sold now are all adult cats. No one will want to adopt adult cats as pets so 99% of them are being sold for consumption.

Journalist: I've heard of people eating dog stew but I didn't know cats were also eaten?

ARA: It's called cat stew or nabi stew. It's made in the same way dog stew is, sometimes even turned into an aged drink.

Journalist: How are these cat stews made?

ARA: They'll normally put the live cat in a boiling pot of water and close the lid on it. There are some who believe that it tastes better if it's cooked alive. When you open the pot, you'll see a lot of scratch marks on the inside from the cats trying to claw their way out. Imagine the pain.

Journalist: As a member of the ARA, you must visit these sites often. Have you seen this happen before your own eyes?

ARA: No, we've only heard about it happening.

Journalist: For what benefits are they eating cats?

ARA: They're misinformed. They think that it's good for their joints, but it's wrong.


1. [+2,435, -103] This is not an issue of whether it's ethical or not to eat animals but the cruelty of human beings. These animals are giving us their flesh and bones, we should be treating them with more respect for the duration that they're alive. We need to make sure that they are slaughtered with minimal pain. Humans think it's our right to do whatever we want with anything we have more power over when we're all living beings sharing this world together. We're all worthy, one and the same.

2. [+1,774, -60] Taking vitamins would be healthier than eating things like this;; Deer blood, bear guts, dog soup;;; I've never seen anyone who ate any of those things live a long and healthy life. If you really take a look at the meals of healthy people, they don't eat any of that stuff.

3. [+1,501, -51] Nothing new that humans are the most cruel beings on the planet

4. [+1,485, -581] I bet members of the animal rights associations eat samgyupsal for dinner

5. [+440, -30] Sigh~ Street cats live at most up to three years and live off of trash and other thrown out food... They're exposed to all sorts of diseases, why would you eat that to lengthen your own life.. tsk tsk

6. [+404, -40] I'm not saying that it's wrong to eat cows, pigs, dogs, cats, etc... I'm saying it's wrong to slaughter them in weird and bizarre ways like beating them while they're still alive or magnifying the pain they receive until death. Boiling a live cat? The thought of it alone disgusts me. I pray that anyone who is willing to eat that will have their joints rotted to the bone until their limbs are cut off.

7. [+319, -19] Boiling the cats live? That's so wrong....

8. [+304, -15] I'm a cat owner myself... and I'm not opposed to the consumption of cat or dog meat since they're animals just like cows, pigs, and chickens and it's hypocritical to rank them and decide what's edible and not but.. please, please just slaughter them with minimal pain, it's the least you can do.

9. [+327, -41] At least in the animal kingdom, they slaughter each other quickly and without hesitation by biting them in the throats. Dogs raised for consumption are locked up in tiny little cages, 4-5 crammed in there at a time. They don't even get kibbles, they're lucky if they can lick a bowl of leftover food once a day while they slowly die away... It's not only the point of death that's controversial but the period in which they're alive as well. At least cows and pigs are raised ethically for the quality of their meat..