Tiffany interviews Brad Pitt at the Kyungbuk palace

Reader request.


Article: Brad Pitt and Tiffany's special interview at the Kyungbuk palace 'fluent English skills'

Source: Newsen via Daum

1. [+985, -161] How does that outfit even match the Gyungbuk palace tsk tsk tsk Looks so cheap tsk tsk tsk

2. [+946, -85] Yeah she's fluent in English but she was raised in America so isn't that to be expected. It's as normal as breathing air. I don't get why we're praising her over something she achieved without any effort on her part.

3. [+893, -122] Why is that girl doing the interview wearing clothes like that? Did she come out of a pub?

4. [+505, -10] Brad Pitt really aged nicely... I hope he shoots another thrilling movie like Seven.

5. [+491, -71] What is up with her clothes... Might as well come out wearing a bikini.

6. [+480, -70] Jeez, Tiffany's clothes... Is she a night worker... Don't we have any other reporters that know English instead?

7. [+435, -58] Is she a room salon girl, she looks so cheap... And shouldn't it be expected for her to speak English fluently since she lived in America? The interview would've been so much nicer if she wore a hanbok.

8. [+394, -15] Why are people praising an American for being fluent in English?;;

9. [+308, -33] Why did they dress her so cheaply? Especially when she's interviewing at the Kyungbuk palace?

10. [+234, -11] Guys, even homeless people are fluent in English in America ㅋ