Park Chan Min talks about daughter Park Min Ha's anti cafe

Article: Park Chan Min "My daughter Park Min Ha also has an anti-cafe... I requested for it to be shut down"

Source: TV Daily via Daum

1. [+1,429, -49] Guys, as human beings, let's not be like this to children...

2. [+986, -35] I hope that these children never find out about these anti cafes... It's already difficult enough having to work and act at that age. Imagine if someone was writing these hateful comments towards your own children.

3. [+978, -144] I think Min Ha is really cute... Just that I don't like how her dad's always out on TV obsessing over the money she makes and treating his daughters with bias

4. [+868, -200] Chan Min-ah, let's get real. Your daughter has caught the celebrity disease, you need to restrict her a bit. And don't think I'm in any anti cafes just because I'm saying this.

5. [+715, -155] I feel bad for her but I don't particularly want to defend her either.

6. [+679, -66] I'm against anti cafes but in Min Ha's case... I wish her parents would stop working her so hard. She's just a little kid.

7. [+637, -94] Min Ha really is a bit much, though... She follows girl group dances and even sings Jo Yong Pil's songs. Gave me goose bumps when I saw that. She doesn't have the innocence that kids her age should have.

8. [+506, -62] Can parents please stop using their kids for money on TV... It's only the kids that get hurt in the end.

9. [+495, -83] Sir, your daughter has the celebrity disease. Don't even think of trying to hook her up with Yoon Hoo like this.

10. [+438, -53] I think Park Chan Min should stop and think about why the netizens reacted differently to Yoon Hoo's anti cafe and Park Min Ha's anti cafe.