Same Old: SISTAR

Article: SISTAR, what sets them apart from all those other girl groups

Source: Enter Media via Daum

1. [+681, -44] Ever since their rivals SECRET were killed off after being outed as an Ilbe bug

2. [+524, -59] They're talented

3. [+469, -39] Because during the T-ara scandal, Hyorin said something respectable and was also spotted taking care of the bullied member... They were on the rise ever since then. They're also smarter than SECRET.. and more than anything, their song is good~~~

4. [+302, -41] Their songs are different... Hyorin needs no words and Soyu has a unique vocal color. They also distribute parts in a way that makes sense. On top of that, they do decently on variety shows so their public recognition has no way to go but up.

5. [+228, -28] The members are all unique but come together and mesh well.. And they're above the rest when it comes to singing and dancing.

6. [+199, -75] The secret to their popularity lies in their vocal talent and cheap dance moves.

7. [+175, -23] If Hyorin was just a little bit prettier, SISTAR*** could take over the world

8. [+164, -23] I'd say SISTAR's initial success was Hyorin's outstanding talent... then they just skyrocketed after MBC's Athletics Championship.

9. [+163, -23] SISTAR's the top when it comes to girl groups. I came to like the group after falling in love with Hyorin's unique vocals.

10. [+132, -16] It's just Hyorin being a good singer... The group itself isn't all that different from the other girl groups.