Jung Woo Sung talks about his relationship with Lee Ji Ah

Article: Jung Woo Sung "I'm aware of the rumors about me getting back together with Lee Ji Ah"

Sports World via Nate

"You want to hear about Ji Ah-ssi, don't you? In our country, when a man and a woman break up, that's the end, right? For me, that disappoints me greatly. I like to maintain a friendly relationship with that person even after breaking up, just someone who can give advice when needed.

With Lee Ji Ah-ssi, we ended things too abruptly and because of our environment. I didn't even get a chance to give her a proper farewell. We lost contact after several different reports began going out. A lot of people seem to think that I'm a victim of the relationship, but there is no victim in love."

1. [+276, -37] What he said is amazing... Like a line from a movie. 'There is no victim in love.'

2. [+316, -103] I really want them to get back together... show Seo Taiji their beautiful love ㅠㅠ

3. [+214, -49] I don't think anyone would care anymore if they got back together again

4. [+30, -7]  'There is no victim in love.' Ah daebak... Jung Woo Sung, you are the best man.

5. [+26, -7] He seems like an awesome person, especially with his way with words. I trust that he'll figure out his relationship problems on his own. No need for the rest of us to say anything more when they've already been hurt so much.