Seo In Guk/Eunji ship dies a slow and painful death...

Article: Seo In Guk, "I keep getting into scandals with Jung Eunji.... Now I really want to get into one!"

Mydaily via Nate

He meant a scandal in general, not necessarily with Eunji.

1. [+222, -25] Sorry... but Jung Eunji's with Kim Bum now ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+159, -31] They matched so well in Reply 1997 ㅋ but I think Jung Eunji matches Kim Bum better now. Kim Bum really seems to adore her.

3. [+120, -31] My dongseng and I totally adore Eunji ㅋㅋㅋ She's charming and has such a strong character in 'That Winter' ㅋㅋ Her acting is really cute

4. [+44, -21] I'm a guy and I think Seo In Guk could do better

5. [+38, -10] Kim Bum and Eunji are really close, though. Eunji was the only one who attended Kim Bum's movie showing, and Kim Bum also went to see Eunji's musical... and to 'That Winter' fans, they've probably noticed that Kim Bum really adores Eunji off camera ㅋ Can't know for sure if there's anything between them or whether they're just really close

6. [+34, -14] Eunji's exploding with chemistry with Kim Bum right now, Seo In Guk probably isn't enough for her anymore

7. [+31, -14] I'm a fan of Reply 1997, but didn't most of the scandals come out because of Seo In Guk? Of course, they had great on screen chemistry but it was because Seo In Guk said things like having feelings for her on 'Taxi' that those scandals came about... Anyway, Eunji and Kim Bum match better lately.

8. [+23, -9] Reply 1997 seems so long ago... Eunji and Kim Bum seriously have something going on right now, or it might just seem that way because they're so close. I heard that they're no joke... There are lots of accounts of the two going out to eat, just the two of them..