Minah cries when asked if she ever wanted to give up

Article: Girl's Day's Minah bursts into tears when asked "Didn't you ever want to give up?"

Source: Newsen via Nate

Sojin: "The members don't often say that they're having a hard time when they are, but we know how to read each others' feelings even if we don't say them. We're a great source of strength for one another just by being there."

Minah: "I'm really glad that we're able to promote our album right now and the Girl's Day members really do give me a lot of strength."

1. [+173, -38] The songs they choose to promote are always lacking that something it needs to be popular ㅋㅋ And you need at least a few members who are good at variety shows if you can't get popular with your songs but Girl's Day doesn't really have a member like that;;; You need a kkap member like Jo Kwon or a white sheet member like Sunhwa ㅋㅋ

2. [+169, -13] Their agency seems a bit lacking when it comes to gouging what's trendy or popular

3. [+154, -18] Weren't they originally 5 members?

4. [+42, -12] Seeing as how groups without vocals like KARA can get to the top, I don't think singing skills play that big of a role in a singer becoming popular

5. [+37, -2] I felt bad for Minah whenever people hated on her for 'acting cute'... Fans are so lax on marijuana or murder, but they'll eat you alive if you try to act cute..

6. [+29, -12] Their looks are decent and I don't know much about their vocal talent, but whenever I see Minah hit her high notes, all I see is that she's trying super hard...

7. [+25, -0] Should be thankful they're even around in this competition

8. [+25, -6] I only recognize that eye smile girl, Minah.. Her pictures sometimes come up on Pann. Other than that, I've no idea...

9. [+25, -1] There are probably a lot of other celebrities who disappeared with their debut who would cry over this question...

10. [+24, -19] There are still a lot of people who adore Girl's Day!!!!!