G.NA releases comeback album jacket photo

Article: 'Sexy Queen' G.NA to comeback on the 14th... album jacket showing off her body line released

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+127, -2] The one true singer of our generation who sings with her breasts

2. [+101, -2] Vote up if you came in here for the picture

3. [+90, -4] Her boobs look like they're about to pop

4. [+76, -1] I feel like your parents would misunderstand what you were doing when all you're doing is looking at a singer's album jacket photo...

5. [+106, -32] Is she a singer or a porno star?

6. [+75, -8] Doesn't matter how sexy you are, it's the singing talent that counts. It's only a matter of time before you're forgotten if you push anything besides your singing.

7. [+74, -9] I want to touch them just once

8. [+65, -2] Aside from A Pink, Cube pushes their female singers to sexy concepts..

9. [+57, -13] Lee Hyori never had to stoop this low and she was still considered the sexy queen. Um Jung Hwa too.

10. [+45, -6] No!! Johnson, not yet!! Not this early in the morning!!