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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Former celebrity trainee reveals how much sexual favors cost

Article: Reality behind trainees being used for sexual favors revealed "$1,000 if you're a trainee from a big agency" shock

Newsen via Nate

Former celebrity trainee revealed, "I was a minor at the time but still received countless offers to go out and drink with (the higher officials). There are actual entertainment agencies who downgraded into becoming brokers to hook up trainees with sponsors."

A broker revealed, "We have the profiles of celebrity trainees, students majoring in the fine arts, miscellaneous works like home shopping stars, as well as trainees under bigt name agencies. It costs the sponsor $250 for one meet up with a trainee. If the trainee is young or from a bigger agency, the cost rises to the $800 to $1,000 USD range. Sponsors are asked to make appointments the day before and are required to be registered in the client list."

The episode airs on the 29th.

1. [+337, -22] Not much of a difference between a prostitute and a female celebrity

2. [+230, -30] Why act so surprised? Not like this is anything new. If any girl tells you that she's becoming a celebrity, you can pretty much bet she's prostituting herself out like this.

3. [+126, -6] I bet the trainees who actually give sexual favors are either a part of some nobody company or have no hope of actually making a debut. And when they say 'big agency', I'm betting it's a trainee that was cut from a big agency or quit because I'm having a hard time believing that a trainee in a top 3 agency would risk everything to do this. They're the ones that control the music market and the broadcast channels so they don't really need to suck up to anyone to raise their stars...

4. [+19, -6] I bet if they really wanted to investigate this, the question wouldn't be which star has done it but which star hasn't done it

5. [+16, -1] Reminds me of what Sayuri said. They're just selling their bodies for success if they're not being forced into it, tsk tsk

6. [+11, -3] I heard companies keep a set of real trainees and a set of trainees they use for sexual favors




  1. 1. [+238, -22] Not much of a difference between a prostitute and a female celebrity

    What about males? They don't count?

  2. .~: Pretty Plastic Boom :~.March 28, 2013 at 11:49 PM

    Salon room girls are getting so popular these days ~

  3. I think male trainee have to do sexual favor too: for older women or men

  4. This is basically coerced sex, which I see as hardly any different to being forced to do it.

    Gather 2000 riot police with batons and riot shields, beat up the fuckers who pose as these 'entertainment agencies' half to death and send them to North Korea and get a whole squadron of bulldozers to run down their buildings and let the government confiscate all their assets.

    Oh, and the sponsors can follow the same fate too. They have to be degraded to the fullest to be stopped and anyone who thinks otherwise can go join them too.

    Problem fucking solved.

  5. Yeah, but why isn't more being done to stop all this? This is pretty shady stuff so some effective laws could really help.

  6. [+67, -6] I bet the trainees who actually give sexual favors are either a part of some nobody company or have no hope of actually making a debut. And when they say 'big agency', I'm betting it's a trainee that was cut from a big agency or quit because I'm having a hard time believing that a trainee in a top 3 agency would risk everything to do this. They're the ones that control the music market and the broadcast channels so they don't really need to suck up to anyone to raise their stars...

    Agreed. I don't think the big 3 would risk it either. Especially since netizens are spies who can and will dig up every single moment from your past once you debut.

  7. compared to female, only small portion of male trainees give sexual favors because well sponsors are usually men and straight.

  8. It sounds as if neitzens are reprimanding women who do this? Which isn't surprising. But what about the women who are coerced into it? Will they be reprimanded too?

    Yes It is shady but it really isnt any of their business what a woman does with her body. It is definitely a concern when minors are involved and when a woman is influenced to go along with it when she doesn't want it. That isn't only the fault entertainment field but also the fault of a society that infantilizes and sexualizes women. Just like in the west.

    238 people liked that comment about female celebrities being prostitutes too... its just unsettling to see so many people associate the two when they're not even the same careers?

    I hope these netizens know that it isn't just women who are selling their bodies too.. this industry is also filled with young and easily influenced men.

  9. That's why I think it's better to go with the big agencies in Korea. You get less musical/image freedom but at least your protected from a large part of shady things like this.

  10. Trainees do lots of stupid things pre-debut. It's when they are finally slated to debut and after debut that companies start to watch them like a hawk and dictate what they do. I'm sure there are Big 3 trainees who put themselves out like this with hopes that if Big 3 won't debut them, they'll debut some other way.

    Also Big 3 will squash info about pre-debut stuff like this and it'll just run around in the rumor-mill where fans will protect the celeb by not spreading it further.

  11. Though it may have happened during when they were a lot smaller than they are today i.e. the 1990s to early 2000s.

  12. not really, many pervert old men love when young boys do blowjobs

  13. These kinds of posts are so common now.......about sexual favors in the industry. It's kind of sad, but so damn seems.

  14. But I get the impression that the Big 3 would probably dig through the history of any trainees slated to debut so that those sort of serious issues don't become a problem once said trainee debuts. They probably drop anyone with that kind of history.

    Any idol under the Big 3 is put under a microscope the second they debut. All the money in the world can't hide that kind of thing and some netizen out there would find the evidence to prove it.

    Don't you think, for example, if a member of SNSD was rumoured to have serviced a sponsor pre-debut that would have gotten out by now? STANDs are maliciously insane and would spread that shit like fire.

    I really don't think the Big 3, as it currently stands, would risk it. But I'm just speculating, who knows....

  15. I like the way you think.

  16. Excuse me if i am too straight forward but a blowjob is a blowjob... i don't think does dudes care who they do as long as they get laid.

  17. That girl from Shinee MV, they said she's a trainee. where is she now??

  18. The police are too busy counting the $ they get from the sponsors.

  19. "better laws need to be made"

    lol. those who have the power to adjust the law might just be one of those sponsors or are taking $ from those sponsors!

  20. Its well known at this point that Korean netizens are retarded.

  21. You're obviously not a straight guy but no. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but it is rare that a guy with no homosexual tendencies wants a blowjob from another guy. The thought is disgusting if I may be straight forward.

  22. I thought STAND went defunct last year...? Their site doesn't seem to be active much either.

  23. IMO as its stands the big 3 has too much to lose especially since they're exploring markets outside of Korea. And since they're publicly traded companies too, the financial loss that this can incur is simply almost suicidal.

  24. Don't be naive. The clients of the big three are probably more exclusive and therefore can be charged more and have more at stake. THe big three don't have to worry about leaks because the media is controlled. Very few leaks are actually leaks. They control television and other media outlets, that is how they got to be the big three.

  25. No idea, tbh. Just using it as an example... Never paid much attention to STAND to begin with but I'm sure there are still plenty of batshit crazy antis out there functioning just fine on their own.

  26. You always have the best comments.

  27. this pretty much says all.

  28. When a guy gets drunk enough, a blowjob is a blowjob. Trust me, I know people.

  29. Maybe, maybe not. It's all just speculation in the end. None of us know for sure.

  30. Ever since Jang Ja Yeon I've always wondered about this.

  31. rather than seeing what's wrong with this, they just want to shame the women. how bout lash out at the fact that these officials are allowed to have such power and no consequences when pressurizing women and young girls into such acts.

  32. Considering Korea's conservative, if not repressive attitude towards sex, I don't think it'd be unusual to find a lot of those dirty fucking sponsors getting favors from a decent number of male trainees.

    Either way, they need their dicks castrated.

  33. you one of them? fuck no!

  34. Hmmmm... good point -_____-".

  35. Maybe it's that way for you but how can you talk for all the men in world?

  36. All this slut shaming seriously needs to stop. Stop blaming the victims and start going after these sponsors. What their doing in disgusting, and are they seriously calling minors prostitutes?

    Most of these trainees and idols are young. It's pretty disgusting.

  37. I doubt snsd have done it since Sunny is LSM's neice, but who knows o.O

  38. Prostitution is the world's oldest profession, didn't you know?

  39. After reading so many sexual favors of trainees lately, I am suddenly reminded of PSH and trainee A. The idea of P fell in love with A thus slept with her on the first day of meet seems frivolous, not believable. The same token goes to trainee A claimed to have been raped by P. What's logical to me is that K is the "agency/broker" who set P "the sponsor" with trainer A "the desperate star wannabe". This explains why after puking so many times, she washed her face and had sex with him. See, she had been paid thus must follow through with the service. How many other times had P been set up with a trainee for sexual favors? he never thought that this one would "backstab" him.

  40. Come on Netizens, do your job!
    Who are those celebrities?
    I wanna sponsor them as well!!!

  41. "trainee" in french means prostitute, slut, whore...

  42. Well that's the point of his post

  43. I thought it was PSH's agency that paid A to sleep with him and blackmail him? Because PSH was about to leave the agency.

  44. A lot of young girls do sexual favors for money- I knew a lot of girls in my high tuition college that used dating websites to meet rich older men who would pay for visits in order to get through college and fund their careers and social life, which is a much more expensive thing to do if your career relies on sociability, connections, and availability. Trainees aren't paid anything to do what they do most of the time and need the money and connections. I don't get how this could confuse or surprise anyone. Your favorite actress or music star has probably done something like this before. Its shitty but females are exploited in these industries and are basically forced to do these things to get ahead. The worse thing about this situation is that consumers do not appreciate skill, so as long as a pretty girl gets the right exposure she will be famous and successful and get ahead. If you don't do these favors someone else will and they will get that part in the popular drama or that spot in an idol group and they will eventually get ahead before you do. Its a culture of exploitation and consumers are apart of it. Demand something different from the industry instead of blaming the victims.

  45. Well the mere thought of them using young trainees (male or female or whatever) to satisfy their sexual needs is disgusting and perverted..... but as if they care if it's perverted or not.....

    What i'm trying to say is that there's the same percentage of possibility that they abused both, coz as i said before, all they want is to get laid.

    And well.... A lot of young male idols/actors look like girls anyways. And there's always that crossdressing thing they do and somehow they're: "prettier than any other idol girl", so yeah.... is just a possibility though

  46. why? if it's consensual on both sides then let it be

  47. damn a 1000 bucks to get your dick sucked?

  48. yup. and i guess another thing is that boys are a lot tougher and they can use them as rough as they want

  49. I guess many people are still unfamiliar with "high class prostitution", even many young college students also doing this to support their education. It sad but true though.

  50. "3. [+126, -6] I bet the trainees who actually give sexual favors are
    either a part of some nobody company or have no hope of actually making a
    debut. And when they say 'big agency', I'm betting it's a trainee that
    was cut from a big agency or quit because I'm having a hard time
    believing that a trainee in a top 3 agency would risk everything to do
    this. They're the ones that control the music market and the broadcast
    channels so they don't really need to suck up to anyone to raise their

    Yes, they are the biggest and you have to start thinking of what they have done and how many sponsors they have under their (idols') belt to have become so big and afford to control the media.

    People who think the bigger a company/person is the less they have done and the fewer bodies they have stepped on to get there are naive. Small fish get caught. The big ones are networked and untouchable enough to do it without it being an issue.

    As for this whole "the idols choose it" disgusting excuse some use, the idols are mostly kids. Kids facing abuse by the parents who allow them to do this and the people who convince them of the "high life" and probably do scare them and/or threaten their future and even lives if they dare say no to a "respected" sponsor and ruin their deals. Wake up and see the world we're living in.

    Yes, some will do anything for fame, but very few want to ruin themselves so badly for it. The longer we keep blaming the victims and specific agencies and ignore the fact that it's society/parents/government and culture which allow this to keep happening, the longer it takes to stop.

    Focusing on the symptom and not curing the disease is mankind's specialty though. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

  51. So these commenters are more interested in bashing the women than the men demanding / paying for these services? Interesting.

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