[LOL] The shocking results of three years of paparazzi work

Telzone: The shocking results of three years of paparazzi work

A Sports Seoul (and current Dispatch) journalist followed around Lee Seung Gi for three straight years and this is what he was able to find:

"He returns his sponsored clothing."

"Treats female staff with manners."

"Visits the hair salon."

"Takes turns sharing the umbrella with his manager."

"Goes out for brunch."

"And the most difficult find of all, as well as the only glimpse into his past, is a picture of him eating out for a meal of ddukbokgi with his high school classmates."


1. [+180] What a waste of energy for the paparazzi. I remember a journalist asked Lee Seung Gi in an interview whether he ever felt pressured being viewed as such an upright person and he said he didn't feel any pressure at all because he's just acting naturally as who he is and it just so happens that what he doesn't like doing, others don't like doing as well. I think to each his own. While others like going out clubbing and stuff, he doesn't. Everyone's different.

2. [+178] What great character.. I hope he finds even greater success.

3. [+154] It's people like Lee Seung Gi who deserve their success~ Someone with a good head on their shoulders."