Weather caster "shames all of Korea's women" with airheaded tweet amidst North Korea crisis

Article: "Even during North Korea's nuclear test experiment..." weather caster Noh Eun Ji's tweet 'criticized'

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

On the morning of the 12th, North Korea ran their third nuclear test experiment, putting South Korea's military on alert and the nation in a state of tension. During the ordeal, the weather caster tweeted, "Even during North Korea's nuclear testing, my cravings for Shindangdong ddukbokgi cannot be stopped~>.<"

1. [+373, -5] Would it have been impossible for her to just shut up and eat the damn food? Why stick the part about the North Korean nuclear testing in the tweet?

2. [+363, -9] So... stupid;;

3. [+331, -61] What an article to completely blow my impression of educated women being more aware of national security. Whether or not a woman has graduated from Yonsei university or just has a high school diploma, they don't care whether the country is on the verge of war as long as Innisfree is having a 50% discount sale and they're craving ddukbokgi.

4. [+42, -1] Why can't people just keep these thoughts to themselves? Why make it public on SNS and create controversies like this? Was her craving for ddukbokgi something so dire that it needed to be shared with the world? Why even add the part about the nuclear testing?

5. [+42, -22] She just shows how low the intelligence level of our country's women is ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You might not think so, but this is reality. She is not the minority here. If you're a woman, put your hand over your heart and ask yourself what women have done for the military and war prevention and what they can do when a war actually happens. I bet 99% will be busy running away.

6. [+28, -2] I can already imagine this weather caster on the news saying, "Today, due to a nuclear bomb, I expect it to be a foggy day. Please be careful of getting dust in your ddukbokgi."

7. [+25, -2] And another bi*ch grinds her career into the ground...... I used to think well of her but what would you know

8. [+23, -7] Honestly, she's representative of Korean women... I bet the majority of them don't care either

9. [+18, -2] I bet she'll be one of those women who start screaming "What are the men doing!!!!" when North Korea shoots a bomb through her window

10. [+14, -1] It's because of crazy bi*ches like her that people want women to serve in the army too. What the fu*k does the nuclear test have anything to do with your damn ddukbokgi? Is the test a joke to you? All of our nation's soldiers are out there busily getting ready for a potential war but this bi*ch doesn't seem to know a damn thing about how serious the situation is. Women seriously need mandatory service in the army. I honestly doubt she's one of the few women like this.