Jessica pisses off journalists with late arrival, passive aggressive articles ensue

Article: Jessica explains reason for being late "The arena tour music production took longer than expected..."

Newsen via Nate

Jessica was 30 minutes late to a Banila co. event because of a music production schedule. She asked to delay her appearance due to the amount of fans that had already gathered because she felt her sudden arrival would cause safety concerns.

1. [+375, -191] What is up with all of the article titles... "Being a top star means you can be late 30 minutes no problem", "Princess, you were only 30 minutes late" All of the Naver articles are like this... Sigh, journalists really can't go a day without ragging on someone

2. [+346, -173] While going through Jessica's articles today, I really felt that the journalists were out to get her. Considering that they're making money off of taking pictures of her and releasing them online, it looked like they purposely chose the worst possible looking ones (eyes closed, unflattering angles) with biting titles like "Jessica is diseased with being late", "Jessica makes a slow entrance despite being 30 minutes late", "The princess looks confidence despite her tardiness",... So pathetic. Jessica's obviously at fault for not clarifying beforehand but the articles are clearly out to get her and lead a netizen witch hunt.. Journalists seriously create all the fuss;;;

3. [+334, -194] Better to just get over it with a clean apology.

4. [+75, -40] Journalists were obviously pissed they had trouble taking pictures of her

5. [+74, -40] Journalists seriously make a hobby out of putting people on the chopping block