Court sides with Lee Byung Hun on his lawsuit with Kang Byung Kyu

If you recall my post last year on Lee Byung Hun and Kang Byung Kyu, this piece of news might of be interest. The court recently made some final decisions on the case between the two.

To clarify, Kang Byung Kyu has been in court for the past four years for several other scandals unrelated to Lee Byung Hun, but I will just be focusing on his lawsuit with Lee Byung Hun for the sake of staying on topic/entertainment-related.

The court ultimately sentenced him to a year of jail and three years of probation for "initiating a violent assault on the production set of 'Iris' and threatening Lee Byung Hun for a settlement fee."

Netizens absolutely agree that Kang Byung Kyu deserves his sentence for his other crimes but there are some dissenting opinions on the court's decision over his case with Iris/Lee Byung Hun.


Article: Kang Byung Kyu sentenced to prison

Source: News 24 via Naver

1. [+197, -16] The person who was attacked first was Kang Byung Kyu but the court made the opposite decision.... Definitely shows how much power Lee Byung Hun has

2. [+171, -13] What happened to Kim Seung Woo testifying that Lee Byung Hun's reps initiated the attack against Kang Byung Kyu first...

3. [+158, -10] As much as I don't like Kang Byung Kyu, Lee Byung Hun reeks just as much as he does

4. [+143, -22] Lee Byung Hun and that CEO or whatever are way worse than this guy

5. [+135, -16] Can't help but suspect Lee Byung Hun... I guess this is what you're capable of if you have that much money..


Article: What the court says really happened on between Kang Byung Kyu and the assault on the set of 'Iris'

Source; E-News via Nate

1. [+297, -79] It doesn't make sense to me at all that the court decided to run their decision based entirely on testimonies just because there wasn't adequate evidence... That is easily maniputable and leaves Kang Byung Kyu vulnerable to a set up

2. [+275, -80] As long as you have money, you can turn a criminal into a free man and a free man into a criminal. With power comes innocence while the weak grovel as the guilty.

3. [+331, -139] Kang Byung Kyu argued that as soon as he walked onto the Iris set, he was beaten by a baseball bat and reacted out of self defense, so how did the court come to the opposite decision that they did? Where did that baseball bat, obviously prepared beforehand, fly out of if not to intentionally beat him? Kim Seung Woo also testified that Kang Byung Kyu was attacked first, so why is Kang Byung Kyu the one serving a jail sentence?

4. [+49, -20] No matter how you look at it, Kang Byung Kyu is the victim in this case... -_-;; Damn Lee Byung Hun pervert

5. [+35, -10] The world revolves around money. Kim Seung Woo put himself on the line to testify on behalf of Kang Byung Kyu and tell the truth... Lee Byung Hun is such trash.


Article: What the court says really happened on between Kang Byung Kyu and the assault on the set of 'Iris'

Source; E-News via Naver

1. [+53, -11] Then how exactly are you supposed to react to someone beating you with a baseball bat in order for it to be seen as self defense in the court????

2. [+59, -22] Kim Seung Woo could've testified for Lee Byung Hun because there's more to gain from befriending a Hollywood actor of his level than there is to lose. However, he refused, saying he could not tell a lie... and explained the situation exactly as he saw it. His testimony showed that Kang Byung Kyu was the victim of assault... For what reason would Kim Seung Woo put his career on the line if not to see justice? The court's decision just shows what money and popularity can do...

3. [+57, -23] So sad.. Despite Kim Seung Woo's testimony, it's only the powerless poor that loses in the court. I know that Kang Byung Kyu is a criminal and I hate him for that reason, but he doesn't deserve to be beat up and imprisoned on false charges.. Lee Byung Hun's known for his nasty private life...

4. [+36, -10] Lee Byung Hun better start answering his interviews truthfully instead of hiding behind media play like this like some rat.

5. [+32, -11] I don't like Kang Byung Kyu, but I don't think he's the only criminal in this case...