Sexy concepts are dominating K-Pop

Article: [SS Issue] Girliness has disappeared from the music industry, a sexy competition between the female singers

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

Editorial type article dissecting the change in style from cute to sexy among girl groups/female artists and how sexy concepts are dominating the market.

1. [+196, -14] Personally, I don't watch these music videos and think wow!! It's amazing!! I just feel upset and sorry for them. I do think it's nice of them to pave a new path and go for a style that others aren't comfortable with but you can't deny that all of this is also contributing to a growth in sexual assaults. How must their parents and siblings feel watching them film stuff like this? It's upsetting that this is all just another ploy for money from all of these agencies... tsk

2. [+185, -25] We need to ban idols under the age of 20 from debuting...

3. [+156, -9] They're nothing but money making products of companies tsk tsk tsk