EXID caught with their media play for the umteenth time this week

The adorable facial expressions of Hani have managed to beat out news of Infinity Challenge's 'SUPER7' concert and Psy's latest achievements, like ranking 8th on iTunes and being mentioned in a Times article.


Like mentioned previously, we know it's a media play article because it didn't climb it's way to the top of the rankings the normal way but rather shot up out of nowhere. There's generally a standard amount of votes and comments an article at the top should have, which this EXID article has none of.


Article: EXID Hani earns attention for her set of four cute facial expressions

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+50, -16] Looks like a mix of Victoria and Shin Ae.

2. [+28, -2] Even with all of this media play, they still can't get popular.. Looks like they'll never get popular..

3. [+16, -1] No charms whatsoever ㅋㅋㅋ

Other random replies: "Do they not know that the more they media play, the more negative their image gets?"

"They're really working hard at that media play..."

"Whoever they are, they really suck at the media play. Look at how obvious it is.. Only 53 replies and 37 votes on the best replies.. and yet 94 voted this article to #1? Daebak fabrication."

"Do the journalists really have nothing better to do? Do you know how many days in a row I've been reading headlines about EXID or whoever the hell they are? Can the journalists please be stepping up and stop trashing their profession?"