Lee Seung Gi's manager exposes more abuse by CEO, Yoon Yeo Jung also leaves Hook

Article: "Kwon Jin Young CEO called Lee Seung Gi out to sing for her at a akaraoke when he was a minor"

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+2,364, -5] She's the devil, she can't be human

2. [+1,202, -3] If he was a minor, wouldn't that count as a crime? It seems like she's been abusing and gaslighting him since he was a kid. This devil needs to be punished harshly.

3. [+584, -4] She seriously looks like a man... Seung Gi hyung, get all that you're owed and throw this criminal in jail...

4. [+333, -5] This is getting worse by the day.. it's so ridiculous ㅜㅠ

5. [+314, -1] I wouldn't call myself an Lee Seung Gi fan but I know that people are believing in and supporting him now because he was still able to mature into such a kind and caring individual despite growing up under such circumstances. I hope that this criminal is dealt with and disappears from this industry...

6. [+242, -2] Lee Sun Hee worked hard to persuade Lee Seung Gi's parents into debuting him when he was already doing well in school. I truly wonder what Lee Sun Hee has been doing all these long years. It'd be irresponsible now to claim she had no idea this was going on, and I'm more inclined to believe that she was in on it all along.

7. [+170, -0] Lee Sun Hee has been all over TV claiming herself to be his mentor all these years. So where is she now? Such a CEO was her own manager at one point in her career, and she connected that CEO with Lee Seung Gi fully knowing what she was like. Why is she choosing to remain mute now? I don't get it! Is there more to the story that she can't bring forward?

8. [+166, -3] Lee Sun Hee with that innocent, pure act... why so quiet now?

9. [+162, -0] I bet Lee Sun Hee has a lot of problems bubbling right now... She took a kid and turned him into a star for her own greed. That's labor abuse. Good on Lee Seung Gi for choosing to expose them all no matter how late. I support you.

10. [+135, -0] Abuse of a minor, slave contract, gas lighting, power abuse... such terribly evil acts. I hope Lee Seung Gi will be able to be compensated for the wounds he's endured.


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+532] If even Lee Seung Gi was yelled at for wanting Starbucks, I guess I must only be good enough for coffee stick mixes 😢😢🔥🔥

2. [+336] How could she yell at him for wanting Starbucks... and to be out at night drinking and still calling him out to make him sing for her party.. how are you human. She truly lived lavishly under someone else's labor. 

3. [+273] Seung Gi hyung, how did you survive this? I would've given up so fast... Did you make it this far because of your love for music? I heard you and your manager are out now... I'm so shocked to learn that no one is standing up for you, unlike another girl group member. I've been a fan since middle school and I had no idea you were suffering this much behind your smile.

4. [+111] I can understand yelling at someone if they're not doing their job but yelling at him because he wanted Starbucks??

5. [+195] This just gets worse and worse the more we learn. It's unbelievable to me that she was behaving like this for close to 20 years thinking that she'd never get caught. So shameless.

6. [+357] So is Lee Sun Hee, the kind, innocent, pure mentor to Lee Seung Gi, going to stay quiet for the rest of her life?

7. [+123] Are we not able to send this CEO to jail????? I feel so, so bad for him. A Starbucks coffee is nothing, why should he not be able to drink one 😢😢😢😢 I'm so upset..

8. [+65] She better spit out all of the interest she owes on his money too 😑

9. [+64] Ajumma! Lee Seung Gi not only deserves all the Starbucks he wants but coffee from the stars if he wants it! And he's not some escort you can call on your whim to force to sing for you at a karaoke... Jeez, I can't imagine the emotional suffering he's been put through...

10. [+63] It makes me sad to imagine the embarrassment Lee Seung Gi must be feeling right now to have the public learn about how he's actually been living... 


Article: Yoon Yeo Jung leaves Hook Entertainment 

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+80] It'd be weird if she stayed

2. [+47] As she should

3. [+52] They should all leave

4. [+85] Is Lee Sun Hee really not going to take any responsibility as his mentor? She thinks she still deserves to be called senior after all this?

5. [+17] I hope they all leave

6. [+28] Don't expect to get too far in life with evil alone

7. [+4] And yet Lee Sun Hee still remains in Hook... as one of the biggest figures behind Lee Seung Gi's debut..

8. [+2] I support Yoon Yeo Jung and Lee Seung Gi