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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Hyorin and Dasom mark the return of 'summer queens' with 'Summer or Summer' comeback

Article: Hyorin x Dasom's new song 'Summer or Summer' alerts the comeback of the summer queens

Source: Insight via Instagram

(Korean song title translates to 'pick between two')

1. [+607] Are they asking us to pick which one of them to get beaten by..

2. [+197] Don't want to pick between either of you...

3. [+143] You could beg me to pick between the two and I'd barely be interested... please go back inside, iljins

4. [+197] Bullies

5. [+101] Then I'll pick Brave Girls as our summer queens ❤️

6. [+99] Don't want to

7. [+61] Weren't they supposed to disband? What's with this comeback then..

8. [+54] Both of you can go back inside

9. [+53] Can't stand either of them

10. [+84] They're asking you to pick between getting punched or kicked

11. [+27] Hyorin's such an amazing vocalist if not for the iljin rumors.. what a shame..

12. [+10] Summer's almost over, should've put out the song way sooner...



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