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Monday, August 16, 2021

Fromis 9 transfers to Pledis, becomes labelmates with Seventeen

Article: Fromis 9 transfers to Pledis

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+168] Are they crazy? Why Pledis of all companies? Just look at what they did to Pristin... Why move a group that's doing well and why move them to Pledis? They better not mess this up or I swear...

2. [+108] Weren't they rigged too?

3. [+84] Why did they do that to Pristin if they were going to get another girl group again? This is ridiculous

4. [+168] Aigoo... look what happened to Pristin... so why...

5. [+50] Why Pledis of all companies

6. [+14] But why haven't they disbanded yet...? IZ*ONE disbanded already...

7. [+28] Pledis was already managing them the whole time anyway, they were just under Off the Record in name ~.~ 

8. [+9] Why couldn't Pledis just take care of Pristin if they were going to end up with a girl group anyway? I feel so bad for Pristin now.

9. [+6] Pledis?? Is this a joke? Look at what happened to Pristin. I really won't let them live that one down ㅠ

10. [+4] That reminds me, Pristin was under Pledis... Pristin was basically thrown out by them.



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