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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Can JYP's Japanese group and SM's Chinese group be considered a part of Hallyu?

 Article: JYP Park Jin Young's plan is successful... a girl group trained in collaboration with Japan

Source: Han via Naver

Article talks about JYP and SM's 'insider method' of working within the industries of different countries to create content from within as a way of expanding Hallyu's reach.

1. [+1,708, -102] What does him producing a Japanese girl group have anything to do with K-Pop... it's just getting our own skills and techniques stolen from us

2. [+1,385, -58] How does that make it K-Pop at all? You're taking Japanese members singing Japanese songs and working in Japan, how is that K-Pop?? I feel like Park Jin Young and Lee Soo Man are tainting K-Pop. Let's say their groups actually do get successful worldwide... how is their success supposed to be helpful to Korea and Hallyu? It only benefits Park Jin YOung in the end... it doesn't benefit Korea at all. This isn't K-Pop.

3. [+952, -21] The Japanese will call this J-Pop... they will not call it K-Pop. This is just letting our idol training system leak into other countries. This is basically another ploy for Park Jin Young to make more money for himself. Don't exaggerate it for more than what it is.

4. [+426, -8] Why is this even necessary? You'll end up being backstabbed by Japan and China in the end.

5. [+121, -11] Isn't NiziU just a Japanese pop group?

6. [+94, -0] JYP's obsession with Japan, SM with China... what's wrong with them? They're leaking all of our know-hows. BTS has stood on top of the world with no foreign members at all!!!

7. [+79, -0] Stop training Japanese and Chinese members just for your own greed

8. [+71, -1] There's a clear difference between Park Jin Young, Lee Soo Man and Bang Shi Hyuk

9. [+56, -1] This is Traitor-Pop. Park Jin Young and Lee Soo Man are leading it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+51, -3] Focus more on training Korean groups. Why Japan and China?? We have so many trainees in our country already. This is just a greedy and selfish move on their end.



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